Thursday, October 15, 2009

Battle lines drawn

The battle lines have been drawn and no one is backing down!

On one side we have two determined parents and on the other one tiny but powerful little two year old.

The battlefield, a small white plastic tray attached to a chair.

My born picky eater has upped her game and I am not sure she has eaten anything but cereal in three days. Seriously. I am loosing my mind! I know part of it is that she has been sick (strep throat courtesy of her big brother). But yesterday she wouldn't even eat her peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter! Our go to food because it's her favorite, has protein and she EATS IT!

I am not proud to say either that last night we totally lost our cool over it. Hubby sent her to her room (if your not going to eat dinner you are not going to pay at the table and have fun! You will go to bed!) where she promptly peed on her bed (her first accident in over two weeks). So I bring her back down because she says she will now eat. One teeny, tiny, piece of mashed potato in her mouth and she is gagging and spitting it out. Meatloaf, screaming and won't touch! I know what your thinking but it's good meatloaf!

I wish I could have made it to the picky eaters lecture our parent's group had last night. Apparently Peanut has changed the rules, again, and we need another strategy. Other then making some kind of macky-roni every night. A child can't live on macky-roni and cereal...can they?

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