Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A day in the life of a SAHM

SAHM...when I first became one and found this wonderful world of mommy blogs and mommy websites and chats I was on Urban baby (which has changed and is not the site I originally used) and saw the acronym SAHM and for days I thought it said SHAM, that's what by brain did and it took a while, and a lot of confusion, to figure it out.

But it's funny in my mind because, at least for me, sometimes I feel it is a SHAM...I get to stay home. My husband is so much better at the "home" stuff - the cooking and cleaning. But the "mom" stuff...I got that down! But I think sham is what a lot of people think. I get a lot of "what do you do all day" (as well as smarter -moms- who want to know how do you do it all) and plenty of people who say "well since your home all day". Let me tell you, being SAHM, especially once kids stat going to school does not entail staying at home (much) and does involve "doing" a lot that you don't even think about...so here is a day in the life of a SAHM, warning, it's exhausting!

05:45 - get up. Note that this is "late" as my alarm had been going off, and I had been snoozing for 45 minutes.
- go downstairs, do yoga (16 min routine) and physical therapy exercise, catch a few minutes of the news/weather
-back upstairs, get coffee (cup #1) check e-mail, Facebook, catchup on answering aforementioned e-mail

children are up (and came down on their own, this is day 5? yipee!)
- change diapers/pull up. Make everyone go potty
- Make breakfast, this morning it's cereal (two different kinds) and strawberries. Must debate with 4 year old why we need to eat the fresh strawberries first and not the dry strawberries and explain the seasons and why their won't be strawberries much longer and when we will have them again.
- Empty dishwasher
- give Peanut her second bowl of cereal (different kind this time)
- re-load dishwasher (how did we ever live without one?!?!?!?)
- go over letter of the week (Bb) the date (5- Monday) and what we are doing today with Monkey
- get Monkey up, send him to bathroom to wash up and take his "potty time"
- Wash up Peanut, put my toast in the toaster, sweep up the floor (I will admit I don't do this everyday, but the floor is cleanly washed so I want to try to keep up with it.)
- take the kids upstairs and get them dressed (which means arguing with Monkey - all my favorite shirts are dirty and Peanut - No Purple One! Purple one!)

downstairs, turn on PBS and make kids "SO Happy!"
- put toast in toaster again
- reheat coffee (cup #2)
- sit down and eat breakfast, catch up on some news reading, peruse craigslist, pull up banking page. remember that my phone sucks (broken, almost dead 4.5 year old razor) pull up T-mobile site to see when cliq is coming out (13 days) and wait, and wait, and wait, for site to load so I can compare cliq to my touch and blackberry pearl (hubby still wants me to get an iphone)
- start working on checkbook (entering everything, need to balance)

08:40 reheat coffee again (what else is a microwave for?)

09:00 done listening to the news of the day, time to switch on some thinking music, Vivaldi's four seasons and try to finish working on the checkbook. Warn the kids that when "Super Why" is over the TV goes off and we are leaving!

09:15 T-mobile, your website sucks, especially the billing section. It never works. I have "clicked here" for paperless billing and you never ever ever activate it. So irritating! I think I paid my bill, it said I paid, said it was for today, but it also says it's past due, with no balance, ugh! Please fix your site. I don't need flash or bells and whistle, I just want it to work.

09:15 call company to deal with a problem that is not mine and yet still keeps ending up in my mailbox, and my phone, and my life...I don't have time for this or the automated phone menu!

09:24 death curling scream!
- Peanut apparently fell over into the bin of blocks (at two we're still a little head heavy!). She promptly tell me "Monkey hit me"
- kisses, hugs
- run upstairs wash face, get dressed
- run downstairs brush teeth while getting the kids to gather shoes and items needed to leave

09:40 make juice cups, get kids to pick out snacks from snack box

09:50 leave for gymnastics, late, because even though it's only 4 miles away it will take us 15min to get there

09:58 hallelujah! It only took us 8 minutes and we get to class right as it starts, but oops! Forgot ponytails, need to run out (of class) and get rubber bands to do her hair, commence screaming and crying
- class was tough to start, she is such a crab today...wonder if she's teething?

11:05 getting in to the car to leave gymnastics, commence tantrum number 3 or is it 4? Peanut is upset that Monkey got to get in first. I swear these kids will fight about anything.

11:20 we're home, and in the house!
- realize our keyboard holder/drawer/shelf is half falling off, great one more thing broken/in need of replacement! When is that money tree going to start growing in my yard?
- set up Monkey's computer time (PBS Dinosaur Train)since he was good at gymnastics and didn't cry or throw a fit (But did talk the ear off of the poor mom who made the mistake of sitting next to him).
- set up Peanut with markers and her coloring sheet on newspaper, where I can clearly see her and make sure she doesn't color library books or herself
- grab the mail and go through it, junk, junk, alumni stuff, junk
- make lunch for the kids (one turkey wrap, one PB no jelly)

11:30 kids are eating, I snack on TJ's Unburied Treasure (like Pirates Booty) and read the local paper

11:45 done, with paper and lunch (yep both activities are that quick)
- wash hands
- send Monkey to get dressed for school
- take Peanut potty and get her down for nap

11:58 head to the basement, it's cool and Monkey wants to wear a vest so I need to find a knit hat for him to wear
- ask him to get his school stuff ready and empty his bag
- ask him to put away the stuff he took out of his bag not leave it on the stairs

12:00 SO LUCKY! Daddy's home
- read about baby dinosaurs, see how many letter B's Monkey can find on the page
- get coat on and get ready to leave for school
- go over picture order and gymnastics schedule with hubby (fly by conversations, that's how we make decisions!)

12:07 on our way to school

12:36 home
- make lunch
- chat with hubby for maybe 2 more minutes

13:00 sit for the first time since (scrolling up to double check) since 9:15 (not counting car rides or stretching at gymnastics)
- eat lunch
- watch the first half of Days' of our Lives (none of the moms in Salem seem to work so hard!)

13:30 up again (the second half has so many commercials I need to do stuff while watching- if you watch online the show is only 38min!)
- cleaning up/straighten up craft/sewing area
- do round 2 of PT exercises

13:47 Peanut is screaming, why? she should sleep for at least another hour! Teething, scared?

14:10 back downstairs, she is either scared, or teething. she said her head hurts but she was crying pretty hard, took 5 minutes to calm her down. I gave her Hylands and some Tylenol. She told me "no more sleep" there goes my day
- sit down to edit/post blog post, catch up on my other (blog) e-mail
- put on Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo a la Turk...the speed and tune is reflective of my day...it could be the soundtrack of my life!

14:24 back upstairs to console and ask her again to please just lay down and rest- you don't have to sleep, just be quiet
- back down to do some reading and writing

15:05 I give up, she gives up, get her up
- pack up a snack (all she wants are "fish! fish!"

15:15 back in the car and back to school for pick up!

15:51 Home

Phew! The rest of the night was spend:

- working on the check book/paying bills
- pulling out the Halloween box and watching the kids decorate
- doing 2 loads of laundry (trying this daily thing, not liking it so far)
- setting the table
- plating dinner
- cleaning up spilled milk (again!)
- begging kids to eat dinner
- bribing kids to eat dinner with gummy penguins
- 10 minute cleanup of kids area/family room
- watching them play with Halloween decorations
- wash up
- fighting over getting pajamas on
- bedtime stories and songs
- kisses hugs
- off to board meeting
- home
- wine
- crossword
- bed - reading book club book (Under the Banner of Heaven)
10:05 lights out

Just a typical Monday, really any day!


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