Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drabby hair, wishing to be fabby!

So I promised Tamara (aka Cheapskate Mom) a picture of my fro....it's coming, if you can't wait scroll down. First...My Drabby Hair plea. I'm doing this more so that other curly-Q's out there will come to my rescue and help me...but hey, the gift basket is nice and should help to right?

See my hair is drabby these days by no fault of
my own, and therefore I should win. Seriously anyone who can manage to make a bad hair day, week, month, someone else fault it pretty impressive. However since I believe the winner is chosen at random, I will just continue on
explain who is at fault.

This is me 10 years ago:

Fresh, non wrinkled, non-frizzy ready to take on the world! The best part I wasn't paying for the awesome haircut! I know! I had a great friend and she cut it for free! How lucky was I!

Then I got married, went to Italy and decided to donate all my hair to Locks of Love. but I don't look good with short hair. It makes my face look fat and it takes work, I have to dry and style it everyday. So I grew it back out.
It was long and I loved it!

Okay enough reminiscing...here is what we are dealing with today. On any given day I probably look like this:
or this
Or this! The dreaded white girl fro!And this horrid image is corporate America's fault people! Why? how? Well first the ruined our economy so now I cannot afford the pricey but luxurious spa products or haircut at that spa. I found a reasonable substitute in Suave Professional Curl Creme. What? You followed the link and it's not there? That's right because SUAVE DOESN"T MAKE IT ANYMORE and they didn't bother to warn me so I could buy all they had, the recipe, why beg plead with them not to stop!

So now I am stuck with bad, bad hair. I have yet to find an over the counter under $10 curl creme that does not make my hair crunchy, dry out my curls, or require 5 steps (I have used Frizz Ease before but come on I am am a mom of two. A shower is a luxury, putting something in my hair in the shower, then after, then a styling product...I will always forget one step!)

So there Tamara is my fro...and you dear readers of mine and Tamara's blog please help me! What do you use on your curls to make them soft, and nice. And remember we're in a recession people! If I could afford $15/bottle product that I would use in less than a month since I have so much hair I wouldn't be posting embarrassing pictures of my fro!


DiPaola Momma said...

Hey Cousin It.. and I say that will all love and sisterhood.. um did you see ME in the contest post? Yeah scary hairy! Cibu is the thing for you babe! I hope you win!! and FYI a shower is a luxury for me as well..tmi?

Dumb Mom said...

I use Fructis leave-in conditioner and then one of their other styling products (so bad can't think of the name!) and both of them are less than $3. They don't work the $15 magic that my stylist uses, but they do a $3 good enough job I guess!

Tamara Dawn said...

Oh I loved this plea! Thanks so much for posting it! Your hair is...hmmm...it's needy. It needs love. Lots of love. LOL

I know Suave makes a knock off version of Nexxus Humectress and I know that works well on taming my curls. I have curls under my straight hair...no fun!

Good Luck!