Friday, October 23, 2009

Fab Find Friday

I think the best advice on products comes from other moms, and I'm not just saying that because I want you to trust me! Some of the best products I have are because I got a recommendation from another mom. I have even been known to stop other moms and the Farmers market and ask them about product they are using.

So one of my favorite mommy bloggers, Natasha, does this Fab Find Friday feature. She is so crafty and she makes me want to dust off my sewing machine (which I have) and my crafting supplies (done that too, pics next week), and I have decided to share my Fab Finds too!

Since the Holidays are coming I am going to focus on toys for the next few weeks. We have more toys than anyone should have (thanks grandma!). With a girl and a boy at two different development levels I think we have something that would cover every toy category on Amazon! So I love toys that they kids actually play with, even when they are not new, and toys that 'go the distance". You know, toys that make it from one stage to the next and that they don't grow out of in 6 months.

So first my first Fab Find I am going to feature what I think is the best toy for a boy, ever. I have recommended it for every single person I know who has a boy.

Little Tikes Handle Haulers Haul & Ride

This might be the best first birthday present ever. My son got it for his first birthday, in May 2006. He is know 4.5 and still plays with it almost daily. Seriously. The red "dump part" (I don't know the proper term for it) flips up so they can ride, or to dump things out. He has always loved trucks and playing construction so this was a perfect fit. A t 4 he is a little big to ride it anymore, although since he is a skinny kids he still does. His sister loves it too and no matter what walker or ride on we got her this is the one she wanted to use.

I asked the expert, my 4 year old Monkey and he said:

"Well, I never want to return it because I can fix it up, and I can carry blocks in it, and I can carry books in it, and I can carry animals in it, and that's it! Well actually I can carry anything in it!"

and he can, see:

They also use it everyday for clean-up time, the fill it with all the toys from the family room back to their playroom. Any toy that helps, and encourages clean up. Well that's a Fab Find in my book!

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