Monday, October 12, 2009


I am so inspired by those around me that can speak so openly, honestly and truthfully about their faith.

I consider myself to be a somewhat devout Catholic, but I am no good at explaining my faith to others. Which is difficult when you are a) not married to a Catholic and b) a parent. Monkey has been asking some pretty heavy questions lately, life death etc. I'm glad he is comfortable enough with his dad to have these conversations because his dad is so much better with words than me and has been doing a great job answering them all. I just wish I could be more confident and more well spoken in what I believe in my heart.

I mostly believe that I was able to have that all encompassing faith that lets you know it will be okay. I mostly do, but I'm not their yet. I can't be content because I worry...I wish I could believe all the time that it will be taken care of and not worry so much.

I read this article in the Tribune. It's from September but I just got to it recently. They are raising eight (8!) kids on one income and a lot of faith. The mother Patty says "...what kind of purpose in life do you want to create?" she goes on "...We're good a t this parenting thing. Once I got use to the fact that I'm going to be poor for the rest of my life, I was at absolute peace."

Absolute peace. That would be nice. To be so sure you are doing the right thing, even if it's hard. I wish I could find that....maybe it's at the bottom of my laundry pile, I haven't seen the bottom of that in awhile!

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