Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun, Fun Friday!

Every once in awhile I get fulled with mommy guilt and I go out of my way to make a day super fun with tons of things to do and make. These days usually blow up in my face and turn into disasters, but what can I say, I am a glutton for punishment!

I've been a little crabby and distracted with the kids this week, you know when your dealing with something and your not sure if everything is okay/right, but you need to wait X number of days so you don't look like a hypochondriac, or pyscho worry wart, yeah, I'm there and it's not fair to them...

So today I am planning a fun, fun, pre Halloween Friday!

First up (and I little random I admit) Peanut's Halloween costume:I posted Monkey's on Monday for Mayhem and Moxie's Creepy Crawly Crafts so I only thought it fair to share hers. I have to give special thanks to Ashley from Lil Blue Boo, I was getting frustrated with the insanely hard to understand directions and was going to throw in the towel and wear the Elmo costume when I read about her having trouble with a pattern. I thought okay it's not me it's the pattern because she is a marvelous seamstress (check out her Etsy shop!). I also need to thank Alexis from My Mama Made it for her flower tutoriall. Because there was supposed to be a hat and well, it's wadded up on the floor by the sump pump because it was just not working and I was out of time and fabric, so I created the flower headband using her tutorial and it came out great! (not into sewing, check out her Etsy shop!)

So back to Fun Fun Friday....

We are going to make some Halloween muffins this morning so they can have a spooky breakfast tomorrow morning. I got Halloween muffin tins a few years ago and we don't use them enough.

We are going to make a Halloween craft (maybe....depends on how long the muffins take)

We have Monkey's Fall Festival party at school (it's parochial so they don't do Halloween) and since I can't help in the classroom I am the party planner this year. It made him so excited! We are doing a leaves and owl theme and they are going to make these Fabulous Fall Foliage pictures. We will make large paper plate owls. Finally after much hunting I found a fun fall snack that involves only store bought pre packaged products from a list of approved items (sometimes, as a mom of non allergy kids (my husband does have food allergies) I get tired of all the rules, I know why they have them so please no angry notes!) they will be turning English muffins into Owls...sorry no link, it's from Your Big Backyard, and it's not on their website.

We will be finishing the day with yummy Mummy Dogs and pumpkin carving and probably The Great Pumpkin. (funny story, we told Monkey we were making these and showed him the picture, his response "where are the legs and tail?)

It should be a fun and exhausting day! Then we will start it all over tomorrow with visits to two grandparents, our favorite city friends for our annual party and trick or treating until we drop. I am even going to dress up, in a punny (hubby's favorite kind of funny!) costume, maybe I'll post picks tomorrow!

Happy Haunting everyone!

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