Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The futures so bright...I may need to buy a purse!

Potty training Peanut, which one seemed impossible now seems to be coming to completion! The last time I was so excited about reaching a milestone is when she actually slept through the night! She is wearing underwear all day, everyday for 3 weeks. She has had 2 accidents in that time, once when we left her with grandma and once when she was sick and just refused to wear underwear or sit on the potty.

I am so confident we are there that I am fantasizing about purses. I haven't bought a purse, let alone really carried one in 4 years. In the fantasy land that I live in where a money tree sprouts in my back yard and I can buy whatever I want whenever I want I would get something like this:

Beautiful, big enough to hold an extra pair of pants and a pull-up for emergencies but definitely not a diaper bag! But alas my budget can afford is this:

That would be nothing :-).

Maybe if I'm really good and stop whining about how I want a smart phone hubby will get me something like this:

It's so nice to think about going out and looking like a woman, not just a mom. Not lugging an enormous bag filled with everything and anything. I don't even know what is in my diaper bag anymore. We have been on the road so much that things just keep getting shoved in there. I should really clean it out! Instead I am going to continue looking at handbags on-line and dream about the day that I can go out with hubby and not have to change bags first!


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

oooooooh I love purses. I ditched my diaper bag for a purse a long time ago. I always get mine from factory outlets or as gifts. my MIL bought me a Vera Bradley. I had no idea what those were but apparently they are quite "in" lol

How old is your little one? We start potty training my 21 month old soon!

Mama B said...

My little one is 2.5. She wanted to start potty training at 18mo because her big brother was already trained but she was just not ready! I got serious abou it when she was 2