Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Morning Rants

10 rants, because sometimes you just need to bitch!

  1. I am writing this on Tuesday AM because despite everything my kids did all that they could to undo any progress I made in cleaning my house yesterday so it took twice as long as it should have. They would literally come running into a clean room go WOW this is so clean! Than they would proceed to try and play in it as I was running around telling them no, no no! When I finally had it clean enough (we have a preschool meeting at my house today) it was time for Gossip Girl and since hubby left his laptop in the car I couldn't work while I watched it so "I choose Chuck" (hope that doesn't start a feud with any of my BFFs!)
  2. I don't want to get into details because it personal but I really wish we could be comfortable. I am trying to love what we have and I know there are sooooooo many people worse off them me but I really wish things weren't so tight right now and I could just go shopping without worry! There are things I want, things we need, I want to redecorate, I want to remodel, I want to craft sew and create! I'm not asking for millions people! I'm just tired of feeling like I should go back to work, because I don't want to, i don't want to miss this time with my kids...
  3. Why are the suburbs so freaking expensive? Maybe it's where we live but I don't feel like we have enough (any) of the free or cheap activities I had access to in the city. It's like library and well that's it...there are no free drop-ins, no fun community houses. Maybe it's because I'm missing an awesome playgroup for Peanut. But that is not exclusive to the burbs, she never got into the groove or had a great bonded group like Monkey had. It makes me sad because I see her getting jipped, missing out on things he had and it makes me feel guilty and worry and wonder. How could we consider having more when I don't feel like she gets enough? how do you give enough to all of them?
  4. Tying into above I have yet to find an awesome moms/parent group in the suburbs and its depressing. I have fully committed to two different groups and it's like pulling teeth to get members to participate. they don't RSVP, they don't come to events. The organizations themselves have so many rules it makes it impossible to change and do anything. Am I really the only mom who doesn't want to pay to go out and play? You all have big houses, that's why you live in suburbia why don't you want to open them up and have people come and play? I just don't get it we used to cram 10 people in my apartment to play, craft and hang out and NO ONE does that out here. Maybe they are just over booked with all these overpriced activities I can't afford!
  5. Physical therapy sucks. my injury doesn't hurt anymore but my therapist won't let me run, says my hips need to be stronger so I don't re-injure myself. My hips were not fully formed when I was born and I had to wear a brace, it;s a form of hip dysplasia. because of that my leg alignment is all off and I have had issues forever. Well they want me to get orthotics, they say I can resume running and complete a marathon if I do...well they are not covered by insurance and cost more than $300...not going to happen. So will I ever run a marathon? It's starting to seem unlikely, I am trying to remain positive but I am irritated and angry, this is not my fault!
  6. My dishwasher is not working right, it's not cleaning the dishes, it's making some dirtier then when we put them in. Hello? The whole point is to clean the dishes, not make them dirtier!
  7. My cat is refusing to drink out of his bowl and is running around the houses, spilling any glasses left out, scratching and banging the toilets to get in them...it's insane!
  8. I joined Twitter. It makes me feel old and lame. Like back in 2005 when I first discovered mommy boards at Urban baby and I had to use their "dictionary" to figure out what SAHM and WOHM meant. What is RT, how do you respond I don't get how it's different or better than Facebook, although it's nice to share with other bloggers with out putting the kids and family out there how does it work, how do you respond to other people, Is there a tutorial for old fogies like me?
  9. Facebook, stop changing, seriously. You get a good think going and you change it why? I adapt pretty quick but I am tired of hearing everyone complain about it!
  10. totally random I know but what is with sticking stuff to your car that makes it look like it has bullet holes or a ball smashed through a window? What is the point? Do we want to look like we live in a a war zone? Does anyone believe it? Why? Why? Why? I just don't get it.

It's not all rants, I was just in a bad mood after therapy and some other things this week and needed to get it off my chest (Blogging! It's better then therapy!). We actually had a great weekend and I took the kids to a Halloween party by myself and Monkey, who was the oldest boy, was actually really well behaved and helped the little kids learn how to use the equipment the wrong way and would help his sister climb on top of everything in her way to long to climb princess dress. It was such a blast and I came up with a fun pun costume to wear to our big Halloween Party on Saturday. Life is good!

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