Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Fall Day

I love fall, it's my favorite season by far! I love the colors, the cool crisp air. I love how those colors look against the sky and how the sky is so blue and the colors seem to pop because of the cold air.

We got married in fall and while it was one of the earliest frosts on record (the first weekend in October) and my bridesmaids were freezing (my love and excitement did not keep them warm!) the pictures were amazing. The colors popping on the bright blue sky.

We had one of those days, last Wednesday. A perfect fall afternoon to spend with my daughter. We went for a walk to enjoy the weather and the farmers market, the colors and well not having to do anything else. With two it's hard to always have special moments and carve out time with the children as individuals. It's so important though and I wish I could make it happen more.

The best part of these moments is the amazing things that come out of your children's mouths when you have time to really listen to them and no one else. I pointed out a bunny, Peanuts favorite animal. She points to it (you can just barely see it under the bushes- it's a crummy 'get us by' camera until we can afford to replace our broken one) and says:

“bunny home”

Yes, I say that's the bunny's home under the bush.

“no me bunny home”

You want to take the bunny home?

“yes, catch bunny, me bunny home”

Oh we can't take it home. This is it's home. What would you do with the bunny if we take it home?

“hug bunny. Me take bunny home, Huuuug”

You just can't beat that. If she keeps being so cute (especially about bunnies) we may end up with one as I have always wanted one too!

Then, like that conversation, fall ended, after one day. Ahh weather in Chicagoland where it has been “unseasonably cool” for three seasons now....

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