Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quickie Halloween Project

Yesterday was my anniversary (8 years) and we actually had a babysitter (yeah!) so we got to go on a date. So I was dragging this morning and the kids were a little crabby (grandma visit x late bedtime + early wake up time = crab) so I decided to distract with a project and make them forget that I said I would take them to open gym.

We have TONS of coloring books. We get them for gifts, for long car trips, for every holiday. The holiday ones I pack up in the boxes of holiday decorations and since we just pulled out all the Halloween decorations out came our supply of coloring books.

Well Monkey is in this stage where he wants to hang up everything and display it, but there are onl
y so many walls in our house. So I came up with a creative way for him to do a craft, color in his coloring book, and display it. We made Halloween Place mats.

Here is mine:

So simple, right? I just choose one of the pages with a simple picture, cut out the picture and than added some ghosts...I know it's a masterpiece and should be in a museum :-)

The best part is that it's individual and non age specific. Here is Monkey's (age 4):

Okay, it says's the one he made for dad (cut it out himself!) because he wrote his name on his.

And Peanut (age 2):

She even
got to use the scissors today, which made her very excited! You can see that she fancied hers up with stickers and crayon.

I will cover them in clear contact paper (I did it after the picture because it doesn't photograph well) and we will use them all month at dinner. If they don't get spilled on too many times they will last a while.

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