Thursday, October 15, 2009

Totally irrational fears

Another post to fall under the category "I can't believe I am saying this out loud and posting it for the world to see!"

I have two events in the next few days that are so insignificant in the realm of everything and anything else more important (raising kids, world hunger, paying bills, loving life....) I can't believe my brain is wasting time and energy worrying about them or that I am wasting any ones time writing them, feel free to move on.

In about 2 hours I am going to get a hair cut, by someone new, for the firs time in 10 years. T-E-N years. I am totally obsessed with at ease with whatever my hair looks like. I mean it spends a good chunk of the day in a ponytail. I have always laughed at not understood all the tears and wailing on ANTM and What Not to Wear on makeover day. My mantra: It's just hair! It' will grow back!

So why am I terrified? Well I'm new in town and I think many people only recognize by my hair. But also because of irrational fear number 2: My 10 year college reunion is tomorrow.

Yep. Not the greatest timing for a hair experiment. But I am desperate, it's been months, and I can't afford the peace of mind of going to my old hair dresser who charges twice as much (if I was in politics it would be scandalous how much I- a SAHM pay for a haircut!). The girl I'm going to see has cut my bangs, and my daughters. I'm sure it won't be a disaster.

Maybe the deep down fear is the reunion. I mean all those people who paid for the same expensive private school as me went on and got amazing jobs and have interesting lives and well I went on to make an amazing family. Maybe I'm just a little insecure in the fact that I never went on to get that graduate degree I wanted or make a name for myself....but that's too deep and ridiculous so lets focus on the hair (and what to wear to the reunion so I look smoking hot, because we all know if your a MILF no one cares if you have a degree or a clean house!)

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