Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tribute Tuesday: Melodrama; any time is right!


My guilty pleasure is drama, drama, and more drama with a bit of fierceness thrown in.

In my daily life I try to avoid drama and all that comes with it. But when I want to unwind, relax and not think about picky eaters, potty training, volunteer commitments or how many ways I am failing I hit the couch and transport myself to Salem, the Upper east side or the runway.

Yes, I thoroughly love Days of Our Lives (I'm actually catching up on it right now, thank you Hulu!) and am hopelessly addicted to ANTM (since season 1!) (link to show page) and Gossip Girl . They all offer pretty much the same thing. Eye Candy, in terms of fashion (a passion I cannot afford) and people behaving badly. The deepest the plot line gets is who has slept with who and whose lying now and who knows. It's pure escapism.

I don't pretend it's smart or clever the whole reason I watch the shows is that they aren't. I don't want to think, I just want to be entertained. My husband has been quoted as saying “I feel stupider just being in the same room as this show”. While I think that is a but much I don't watch it to make me smarter. I watch it to relax and unwind and not have to think. I can watch the beautiful moms on Days who seemingly never change a diaper, or cook a meal or think about what their actions will do to their children. I can watch a bunch of girls strut down the runway and fret that they are not fierce enough instead of fretting over bills and household duties. I can loose myself in Blair's games instead of games of Candyland and hide and seek.

When you live your life as an average mom, doing average things, in an average town sometimes it's exciting and fun to loose yourself in the extremes. Nothing is more extreme than Tyra Banks and the folks of Salem and the Upper East Side, there is nothing average about them and that's the way I like it!

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