Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tribute Tuesday: Thanks Mom!

Tribute Tuesday's prompt was fall indulgences. Well one of the things I love about fall is Halloween, although it doesn't quite fall under indulgence. I have always loved thinking about, planning out, making, and wearing the perfect costume. It has gotten even more fun since having kids! All those cute baby costumes and toddler costumes! I can't resist! I love the ones that Old Navy has that make them look “fat” and cartoon character-ish. I love it! My kids love Halloween too and we start planning costumes in August.

This love was fueled by some crafty parents who always made my sisters and I homemade costumes. Growing up in the 80's Halloween was not the mass marketed extravaganza it is today. Many of the costumes were either hand made or those plastics dresses and masks (check out Jen X for some great pictures of generation X Halloween costumes from our youth). The awesome homemade costumes my mom made were always a hit and we one many costume contests.

Now that my kids are older and their imaginations are expanding I wanted to start that tradition and start making our own costumes. The economy and the outrageous cost of many children costumes, helped.

I have been dabbling in sewing for years so I thought it would be no big deal. I started with my sons tarantula costume and was thrilled to find a free pattern at Burda Style (obviously modified for a toddler boy!) and have managed to get that together during a Sunday of football and several hours of hand sewing. For my daughters I choose a McCall's pattern for a cute little fairy.

After several hours of irritation trying to lay it on on the fabric and an afternoon of cursing, fighting, headaches and just plain confusion over the pattern I have sewn a little dress/shirt.

Mom you are amazing.

These instructions are not easy, the satin fabric is a pain, and this machine is finicky. This you all know since it's your machine and you have made many of the patterns that are still out today. I can only imagine how many curse words were muttered as you made that Carmen Miranda costume or the two teddy bears in one year, or the year you made all our costumes and matching costumes for our Cabbage Patch Kids. I am struggling with getting through one little costume and you made 3 every year and rarely did you try to steer us toward one of the easy sew costumes or encourage us to just be a “punk” or a “bum”- something you wouldn't have to make.

So thanks mom. This tribute and this fairy costume (if it ever gets made) is for you!

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