Monday, November 2, 2009

You say noosie I say macky-roni

I love watching the kids grow and seeing how different two kids from the same parents can be. It makes me more interested in genetics (again!) and more in love with the biology of the human body even more.

Currently i am intrigued by their different way of developing language.

First off, it's a blessing to hear Peanut talking so much. For along time we (okay me, no one else thought it) were worried she was delayed because she was not talking as much as her brother had at that age. #1 rule of parenting multiple kids, don't compare them to each other. It' didn't help that when we moved to the 'burbs that it seemed like every person I meet had a child in speech therapy. One mom even suggested to me, 3 times, that my daughter needed therapy. Which as a mother is a mind fuck when your friends, family and doctors say she is totally normal!

Anyway, there is no delay and now at 2.5 she is speaking in sentences and we have all moved on and I am only slightly bitter about the one mom who messed with my head (really, I hardly think about it anymore, unless I see her, then it's a passing thought, really)

So back to the original post, (sorry I am going to b really distracted for the next few days and can't really talk about it yet, so I will do my best to not go off on tangents every third sentence or so...hopefully I don't loose you!). When Monkey was growing up and learning how to talk he always would just make up his own version of the word based on how it sounded to him. So....

smoothie became smoogie
banana became nana
Guinness (the cat not the bear) became Gissy
noodles became nooseies


Peanut on the other hand makes up new words based on words and things she knows, or attributes of the object. So for her....

Dinosaur becomes dino-roar
Noodles (of any kind) become macky-roni
bouncy (hi bounce etc) ball becomes jumping balls
piggy back is up like backpack
excuse me becomes move me
Kleenex becomes need it

Dinoroar is by far my favorite, she has more but this is all my distracted brain can come up with at this point. It's just so much fun they are so different and yet so much the same.

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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I always mean to write these things down and regret that I don't! They are precious.