Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dinners that Worked: Creamy Noodles and Surprising Pot Pies

We had a pretty successful week as far as dinner's go, I mean Princess Peanut actually ate dinner twice! That in itself is impressive, the fact that she ate meat that wasn't tubular (hot dog, sausage, brat) is even more impressive!

The week started with an oops because we were going to make a pot roast on Sunday, but I didn't get home from the grocery store (with said pot roast) in time. We had some exceptionally bland meal that was so memorable...yeah I think it may have been pork?

Monday we followed our new favorite recipe, John Kass' Beer Can Chicken. (Note if your not local and you don't think that the Chicago Accent used in SNL's skits is real, watch the video. Kass has the best Chicago accent ever!). This has been a standard weekly meal for us since Dominick's started putting them on sale every week for 99cents/lb. It's awesome, we usually get 2-3 meals out of it depending on if it's a big roaster or a fryer. I am also going to try to make a habit of making broth out of the carcass to get even more.

Tuesday we made pasta. We try to work in one noodle (macky-roni) based recipe a week so that we have a chance that Peanut will eat one night. We decided to mix it up and try something new and thankfully our new November Everyday Food* had just arrived! We made Creamy Pasta with Ham and Broccoli (page 103). Normally I would link to the recipe but the magazine just came out so it's not on the website, sorry you;ll have to buy the magazine! I was skeptical at first because it's made with cream cheese, but it was really good. Like a cheap and quick Alfredo sauce. It's even kind of healthy for the kiddos because it has veggies and ham in it! This went over great with my son he devoured it! My daughter was turning up her nose at it when I went up to lay down (I was sick). When they came up for bed time she proudly told me that she ate it all. Even the ham! I am still in shock!

Wednesday we had breakfast for dinner. Something I used to hate, but when you have picky eaters all bets are off! It was a huge hit, of course, with Monkey. He loves omelets and bacon (our omelets used the leftover broccoli and cheese). Peanut, well she ate some toast.

Thursday was another surprise dinner. We usually use our leftover chicken for enchiladas, risotto, and chicken salad. Mostly enchiladas because we love them so much. However the October (pg 98) Everyday Food had individual pot pies on the cover and the looked tasty. Now I was very skeptical. My memory of pot pies is little aluminum pans and they were kind of gross. These were AWESOME! We made one large one (again, sorry no link! I will try to update if I see it). Monkey devoured it. He thought the soggy parts of the crust were cheese, and well we never correct that kinds of thing if they are eating! Peanut, well she at a bit of the puff pastry and that was all. Even I liked it and I went in expecting it to be yuck! It was a labor intensive recipe and would have been better for a weekend if I would have had to do it by myself. However hubby got home at 3:30 that day, so it worked.

Our miracle of the week came on Friday, otherwise known as Frozen Pizza night (used to be pizza delivery night before recent budget cuts!). I was on my own as hubby was picking up our new car and it was a peaceful evening. Both kids ate pizza. Peanut ate Pizza! It was a miracle, two whole dinners this week. How exciting!

* I am not sponsored by Everyday Food (although that would be awesome!). People always ask us how we make home cooked meals 5 days a week and that is how. We were charter subscribers and probably make 2-3 recipes from various issues a week.

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The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Great food ideas. I always forget to do "breakfast for dinner." I LOVE doing that. And that is a good deal at Dominicks since they are usually so much more expensive than Jewel.

We usually cook 5-6 nights/week, too. I don't usually go all out and sometimes it's throwing a piece of frozen fish in the oven, but hey, it's cooking in my book! ;-)