Friday, November 6, 2009

Fab Find Friday

It's Almost Naptime's Friday Faves is doing Best Toys for Kids this week, so since I am focusing on Toys for my Friday Faves, I thought I would link up with her too:

Apparently our kids are very similar, " If it can last two weeks in this household, it is solid." I would beg to say if it's not solid it sometimes doesn't make it out of the box, yes my kid shave broken toys as we were taking it out of the box. Cheap stuff does not last in this house, it just brings many many tears!

that's just one reason I love wooden toys, they are hard to kids have mind you broken them, but it's hard. However since they are wood, daddy can usually take care of it with some wood glue and rubber bands so it's usually all good in 24 hours.

One of the most basic wooden toys is also the best (isn't that always how it is?) We LOVE wooden blocks. We have two different sets, one painted and one natural. Personally, I prefer the natural wood. The painted ones get scratched and beat up and don't look nice, and since the littlest one ate everything in site for her first year...natural is always better.

So whats so great about wooden blocks? Well one you can get them in every price range from affordable:
To expensive:

But what I love most is the ability to grow with them, a must in a house with more than one child. We have been playing with the most basic sets since Monkey was 1. This year on his list, he wants to add Architecture blocks, and their are so many cool ones to choose from like this:

Or how cool is this one?

Daddy i s really hoping that Santa brings some of these because he likes building with them as much as the kids do!

And of course, a message from the experts:

Monkey (4): "I like them because I can pretend they are so many different things logs (the round ones), bricks, packages. I can build things with them, like buildings and bridges and and walls for my trains" (because everyone knows Thomas needs something to crash into!)

Peanut (2) "Knock down! Knock Down!"

**Disclosure: I was not paid by any of these companies to endorse their product, I just love toys! I am an Amazon Associate and will receive a few pennies if you click on the links provided and end up buying something, which would be awesome because Christmas is coming and no one pays me to stay home :-)


Jo said...

I'm a big fan of wooden blocks too. And I'm with you--the cheap stuff brings the tears, not the joys!

Missy said...

I love blocks. I am convinced that if only I had played with them more as kids, I would now be better at math!