Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fantasy vs. Reality

When I meet my MIL she gave off a very I'm June cleaver vibe...that should have been my first warning.

(imagee from Wikipedia)

When you go through all the church required pre-marriage counseling, they really should discuss more then thoughts on finance and children...those we had figured out. I needed to know that my husband's fantasy of a perfect house wife was

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Poor guy.

Now he knew this when we proposed because we were living in sin occasionally roommates, like the time I crashed him mom's car and he spent his spring break in my dorm room. He knew I was not very neat and tidy and that I couldn't even cook in a microwave. He knew what he was getting into. However I think that he thought after almost 5 years of staying at home, I would have learned something, anything.

Poor guy.

I have learned some, I am getting much better at cooking. I can stir up a pretty mean deluxe Macaroni and cheese:

Oh and I can microwave peas and other frozen vegetables. I can even do it without burning myself.

However he would really prefer to come home to this, and a home cooked dinner, maybe a martini...

Maybe I'll throw him a bone today and shower and put a PBR in a frozen mug.

This post was written solely for the entertainment of Cheapskate Mom so that she will give me the super sexy apron she is giving away so that I can up my kitchen mojo. You can look, but don't enter, that baby is all mine!


Honey B. said...

Love your post! If I met my husband at the door in an apron, he'd think I had been possessed. lol

Tamara Dawn said...

LMAO thanks for this! Great post!! :)

Best of luck!!

Sharon said...

LOVE it!! Great post... good luck for the apron... but not too much, cause I WANT IT!! :P