Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: Moving Day!

So with the hullabaloo of Halloween, the aftermath of Halloween, and all the personal stress we've had going on here I totally forgot about my Blog-aversary (10/29) or that I have survived a year in Suburbia! A whole year and I am not driving a minivan or wearing mom jeans yet! Tomorrow I will take the time to reflect on the year and what I have learned. Today I am going to belated celebrate my one year Blog-aversary with my first post as pat of Texan Mama Flashback Friday, so head over there and link up!


Moving Day
(Orginally Posted 10/29/08)

Well we did it and we seem to have survived. Today we moved to suburbia! For some reason I have Rihanna's Distuburia in my head, although substituting disturbia for suburbia! It's not that bad, it's just different and a little weird for a “city girl”.

The move went smooth, from a moving stand point. The movers were prompt, quick, and done faster then their estimate. However anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a control freak, a little OCD. I like to know where everything is and is going, control the flow etc. This is the first time we used movers and it was so difficult for me to not be in charge at my own house I left early and took the kids to the new house, it was too much. It was a little better when they got here because I sat on the porch and told them where to go and where to put things. More my speed.

The kids were relatively good throughout it. Monkey spent most of the time out in the yard. He loves its. He got out his dad's old Tonka digger, which might have actually been his dad's. It's an old school large and metal. Peanut, well she did okay until she became exhausted. She fell asleep on Grandma for awhile and then we ruined it by trying to put her down in the pack in play. I swear that child acts like it's a torture chamber. Hopefully she is over that and in a big bed by the next time we go on vacation!

So all and all it was a fairly smooth move. I love the house. I am comfortable and it feels like home, somewhat I mean I have no idea where anything is and it is not decorated to my taste but all in time.

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