Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

Even the grown up ones.

If only it was as easy to remember that, feel that, and sing it like the cucumber when you your sacred.

Missy at It's Almost Naptime was writing about this to, she wrote "When times are very very good, I am full of praise for the Father. And when times are very very bad, I cling desperately to his feet.

But then there are the interim times."

The last two weeks have been full of the ups and the downs and everything in between. We, meaning I, but it affects the whole family. Have been going through some medical things. I'm not ready to divulge and get it to it, but it's been stressful. It's like being permanently on a YoYo ride.

We get test results they seem positive, we are up, we are praising Him!

We get test results that are inconclusive, we are filled with hope and fear, we cling to Him.

Than there are these time like right now. I have the ringing in my ear of "science isn't always right, it's not perfect". The last set of test results was positive, we just need to wait. Get to that last appointment tonight and wait for the answers. Put myself in the palm of his hand and not be afraid and know that what happens will be his choice not mine.

It's hard though, I know that not all lessons come in pretty packages. Some lessons are hard and hurt but they make us better people.

So I sit and I wait, and I try to be brave like we tell my son, because "God is bigger than the boogie man and he's watching out for you an me"

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WeaselMomma said...

That's an important lesson to remember and almost easier for kids to be guided by than control freak adults. Thanks for the reminder. I pray that all turns out well.