Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paging Dr. Mom

Writers Workshop: An ER Moment

I ended up in the ER a lot as a kid. things seemed to always get really bad when the doctor was closed. I actually thought I would spend my life working in an ER until I fell in love with my husband, but that's another story...

When I had my first and we found out it was a boy, well I was prepared for the many ER visits that lay ahead. I mean he has my genes, and my husbands genes, and that innate boy need to climb, jump, throw oneself around with little regard to the painful part at the end where the body suddenly stops moving. I just had no idea how early and often we would be in the ER.

The first time, he was 10 mo old. A relatively new walker he still had that stumblely kind of Frankenstein walk. I don't know how it happened, what he tripped over, or what he was trying to do but he fell and hit our TV stand. It was clear from his cry that this was a new kind of pain. Several hours later he had his first battle scar, 3 stitches.

Our next ER visit came only a few months later. A week before our Monkey was to turn 1, only this time it was not him, but me, followed shortly by his dad. Bad cilantro, dehydration, it was terrible. Well except for loosing the last of that baby weight, that was nice.

It was a year later before we graced the ERs doors again. Through the back way this time. Monkey was being his usual ridiculous self as we were trying to wash him up for bed and he feel off the stool. I immediately thought something was wrong but he stopped crying and seemed fine so we put him to bed. It was a restless night for all as he didn't sleep and the next day I noticed he wasn't using it. Wow did I feel like a bad mom. Called the doctor, he sent us for x-rays, they sent us right to the ER from the radiologist's office. He had broken both bones in his wrist. Actually what the ortho told me (bless hi heart to make a 9mo. pregnant mom calm down) was that at this age (23mo) the bones don't really break they bend and his wasn't broken through (I have the x-ray, I would show you but my scanner is not plugged in)

He also assured us that many kids do this and that many parent don't notice until 3-5 days later. So as bad as we felt we were ahead of the curve! It was however only about 2 weeks before his sister was due and he would need the cast for 4 weeks. He did great, we didn't have to change it once and he got it off in time for his 2nd birthday.

So far we have only had to take him to the ER one more time. It was by far the most embarrassing for me. We were at our big and very popular public library and he had his hand on the door when it opened, and took his hand in the side with him. I was terrified, he was terrified and so was the only other mom standing there. We couldn't get the door closed because he was standing in front of the door. In our panic that seemed to take 5 minutes to figure out, I think it was more like 1. Someone came up the stairs and said they were going to get the fire department...No, no, we'll get it out no need to make a scene...

Well once we figured out that he was in front of the door we fixed it right up and high tailed it out of the library, sure I would never be able to show my face again. He was a wreck, screaming, crying, his knuckles were indented and looked bruised. So I took him to the ER, where by the time they saw him, he was TOTALLY fine. But you know it as the week before his birthday so I had to assume it would be broken again.

Thankfully he turned 4 with no ER visits, knocking on wood, so far. Although he is getting to be a little daredevil, I am sure they are coming!


Unknown said...

Ah, the joys of raising a rambunctious boy! I raised three, so I know where you are coming from!

Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Unknown said...

Oh -- Honey I feel for you! I have 3 boys and one little daughter-- but I must say-- you have been to the ER more times than me...Bless you!!