Friday, January 1, 2010

Best of 2009

So I have only recently gotten serious about this blog, so there are not 12 months worth of posts, but inspired by Scary Mommy here are my best posts of 2009:

JanuaryMom Dating, it's almost as bad as a blind date set up by your mom.

FebruaryIgnoring Perfection, it's a continuing struggle.

MayFree to Just be, the best days don't follow routine.

June – Why do kids talk so much? The Answer straight form their mouth

July- Reminding Myself Why, being a role model is hard, sometimes you just want cookies for breakfast!

August- Love Yourself Enough, something we all need to be remind of every once in awhile

September- There's always Tomorrow

October- To The Edge and Back, sometimes motherhood isn't all snuggles and cuddles, sometimes there's tears.

November – I learned to say NO, and the world didn't stop spinning!

December - The best gifts don't need wrapping.


Debbie @ OtRD said...

What a great idea!

Happy New Year!

Claire said...

Your posts about mom dating and being a good role model really spoke to me. I sometimes feel like I'm on a constant interview with other moms and it can be so stressful. I could really use "Being a Better Role Model" as a resolution for 2010!