Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Funnies

I've got bite by a Martha Stewart bug and have been busy crafting and sewing this week so I got a little behind in my reader (and this post as I try to add to it all week). No problem I thought, I will catch up on Saturday while we are in the car for the 4 hour drive down state to see my dearest friends.

Well kids have a way of changing plans and it's never with a surprise trip to a spa in Aruba. No it's with a I'm going to vomit copious amounts all over the bedroom at 10pm at night while mommy is trying to focus on Johnny Depp. So I didn't catch up on my reader on Saturday we spent all day cleaning and trying to get the smell of vomit out of carpet (I hate carpet!). So 1) if you have a secret for getting the smell of vomit out of carpet please tell! I will send you lots of link love! and 2) if I missed a funny post (which surely I did) link it up in the comments!

  • Can't decide if you need a face-lift or not? Suzy's got the trick for you right here. Do her simple test and you will have your answer in no time!
  • Mama Kat's husband was in Hawaii for week, they battle out in pictures for who had the better time, who do you think won?
  • Technically this should have been up last week, but my blog, my rules. Why Is Daddy Cryin explores how he can keep his daughter from growing up.
  • I knew there was a reason I was in a foul mood lately! Weaselmomma explains that around these parts, there are actually FIVE seasons.Which explains a lot!
  • This was one of those post that I was laughing and was like honey you have to read this its so funny! Then he was all like, a little smirk and eh? It's ok. OK? It's Why is Daddy Crying and Nucking Futs Mama it HILARIOUS! He was all like, yeah but do you really think it happens like that....oh I get it, he thinks they're really married which makes it even funnier to me (and probably them, but not their spouses). Once I explained to him that they were not, they are just funny people, he thought it was hilarious and than tried to uses daddy's strip tease tricks all time I may not show him!
  • The iPhone is apparently the new moral police trying to clean up Scary Mommy's sailor mouth.
  • Shannon is trying to be inspirational and her son just wants bacon, yep, sounds like my house.
  • Mammatalk has crayons talking to her, if that's the only thing talking to her in the morning than she's probably doing okay (but should consider upping her coffee intake!)
  • I am a Google Whore and I believe they can make just about anything better (except blogging I am having some major Wordpress envy these days) and according the the Bloggess they aren't as good at mind reading as they think they are, however they are good at getting you to look at more searches then you intended which is probably how they make their money.
  • Mama Kat has apparently been taking funny pills this week because she is cracking me up, I would link to all her posts but really the girl has enough followers. However she did do a guest post at Jen's which was super funny about how not to entertain your kids so you can blog.

Okay folks, off to go tackle the carpet again, seriously send your tips, or cash so I can replace the carpet! Happy Sunday!

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