Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Saturday: Handmade February Follow Up

So remember this list from February of all that I was going to make? Let's revisit that and see how I did:

  1. Make barrette holder for daughter to clean up the bathroom (this has been sitting on a shelf since fall!) DONE!
  2. Put backs on and hang kids door signs (also sitting around since fall!) DONE! Sorry I couldn't show you a pic. my kids have very unique names and I couldn't show the project and blur the name because you wouldn't be able to see the project!
  3. Birthday #1 girl turning 3: Applique tee shirt and tutu DONE!
  4. Birthday #2 girl turning 5: Top secret DONE and DONE!
  5. Valentines Wreath DONE!
  6. Baby Shower Decorations
  7. Possible baby gift
  8. Birthday #3: Donation to animal shelter and a little something
  9. Valentines Skirt DONE!

I wanted to do semi-homemade gifts mostly because I wanted to get back to sewing/crafting and I wanted more meaningful gifts. I never did it to save money (but I have!) or to be anything more than more thoughtful. I cannot believe how rewarding it has been! It has made me think and more importantly plan ahead. I can't run to Target the day of the party. What I didn't expect was how excited and happy the recipients would be. I am being truly honest. I never thought a kid would like something that we made when they are surrounded by piles of brand new, latest this, most awesome that toys and gifts. That alone has made working with my 35 year old PIA of a sewing machine worth it!

So back to the list, how have I done?
Well I did not end up making the decorations for the baby shower. With all that was going on in my life at the beginning of February I did the very adult thing (according to my husband) and I backed out. This was very hard for me because 1) it was for family that I love and wanted to celebrate and 2) I never back down, give up, don't finish, etc. But through tragedy I am growing up and maturing and learning about what is important so I stepped aside.
I did however bake, baking is fun, easy, and therapeutic! I made two Coffee Cakes you can see the recipe here, I think they came out great:

(I did not make the flowers I bought them from Jenny, she did my wedding and I love her, isn't she great!)

I did finish everything else. Here is shirt number 1:

It is one of my favorites so far! I love all the colors and how well the coordinated with the shirt.

Here is the one I made for Monkey, he was getting upset that I wasn't making him anything. The triop is his favorite monster. I am a little disappointed in the placement on it. I was used to working on such a big shirt and I was tired and distracted by the Olympics. He loves it though and that is what matters.

I also whipped up a headband for another little girl that was turning 5. Her mom is a dear friend and was so kind to me through all my troubles I wanted to make her something. I was inspired by this dress. I loved the flower and thought I could make it a headband, I like how it turned out and it fits the little girls personality so well.

Have you made anything fun this week?

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Olivia said...

Cool! Those are some good homemade gift ideas!