Saturday, February 13, 2010

DIY Saturday: What I made this week

Crafting/Creating has been a great distraction for me. I haven't done as much as I have wanted to...but I guess that is always true. These are the projects from my February "make it" list that I used to get me through this first very tough week:

1. Birthday Present Project
Present for a 5yr old girl whose mom said "she has so much STUFF, you really don't need to get her anything, maybe a headband, really". So I made her this:

It's a bow/hair clip/headband holder and it was so easy to make! I got the idea and instructions from Mellisa. You could do the entire project with only hot glue, however since I have a staple gun I used that to secure the fabric and the hanging ribbon. Isn't the fabric awesome? I love it! I am going to use the left over to make something for my daughter! I tried to pick something that was girly, but could grow with her when she has moved beyond princesses. Here is a close up of the embellishment:
Sorry about the picture quality (must get new camera!) I had bought a princess crown too, but it was a little too big and I liked the more simple design (to grow with her). I also made her a headband:

Yes it is being modeled by a dinosaur. The Peanut would not allow me to try it on her head and her baby dolls heads were either too small or I wasn't "allowed" to use them. I used a headband from the fabric store's wedding section so its kind of soft and puffy. I used Calico's pattern to cover it. The fabric flower is from a Samster Mommy Tutorial and is a NO SEW project. In hers she attached a pin, I used some felt and hot glue and attached it to the headband. I love it! It's the first time a fabric flower has come out for me and it was so easy! I should point out that the fabric was picked out by Peanut, all on her own. She turned her nose up on all the fabric I choose!

It's also Valentines so we have things to do with that. I was in charge of treats for the preschool party. Now there are a lot of restrictions on treats because of allergies and we can't make anything homemade. I saw this (I think it was in the February Family Fun) cute idea to make frozen yogurt shapes. It was easy, the kids loved it and since I wasn't "baking" anything I was allowed to make them for school. Oh and you can customize it to your little one's tastes and the occasion.

2. Frozen Yogurt Treats

Yogurt, store bought any flavor (reds and purples for valentines day)
Jelly roll or cookie sheet
Wax paper
Cookie Cutters (metal works best)
  1. Line the pan with wax paper (i liked having it folded in half)
  2. Choose your cookie cutter shape and size (these are large ones, for school I had three smaller sized heart shapes)
  3. Scoop yogurt into cookie cutter. You could get creative and put some fresh or frozen fruit in the top to decorate it, we didn't have any on hand. It will look like this:

4. Place in freezer. The smaller ones usually froze solid in about 2 hours.

5. When frozen solid put in ziplock bag and run hot water over the edges of the cookie cutter (this is why metal is better). While still in the bag, push on the flat side to pop the shape out. Serve immediately or store in a freezer bag. They melt pretty quick so try to run the water over the edges not the flat side of the shape.

The above shapes were each made with about one single serving size cup of yogurt. They are a healthier alternative to ice cream and candy and my kids LOVED them. For the party we served them with Teddy Grahams who I was told liked to skate on top of the hearts. I will try to get a picture of the frozen shapes up this afternoon.

3. Valentines skirt for Peanut

I found some heart fabric that I fell in love with when I was out shopping with Peanut. I thought I could make a skirt or dress for her since we have a birthday party to go to on Valentines. So I bought a yard and hoped I would figure it out. Then I found this post (I think I got linked to it from Someday Crafts, not sure though.) and I thought it would be perfect. Well that must be because Kalleen makes it look so simple!

Problem 1: I can't cut a straight line. Seriously. I even mess it up with a paper cutter. That was solved by my mom, since she was over watching the kids and she can cut a straight line. The other problem was I was a little short on fabric , I only had 36in instead of 44. But it all worked out because my Peanut is petite. My other problem is that my sewing machine is ancient so even if I can find tutorials on how to do things like gather and zig zag stitch, I don't know what any of the knobs or buttons mean (Hubby promised me anew one if I did our taxes!). So i t took a lot of cursing, and fighting, and seam ripping, thrown in with a little bit of blood (fabric scissors CAN cut fingers!) but in the end it was worth it, Viola!:

I am making an appliqué t-shirt to go with it this morning if I ever finish this post and get the kids shuffled off to the library!


Here is the finished outfit:
And a close up of the appliqué:
I got the shirt in Targets new "super saver" section for $2. When I went back yesterday they had them on clearance for $1.50! I stocked up. So since I had the Wonder Under already and the thread, the whole outfit cost:

Heart fabric: $6.99 (1 yard, and I have a good amount leftover)
Red Fabric: Free scraps I had from years ago
T-shirt: $2
Total: $8.99!!!!!

I am SO thrilled. I liked this skirt too! I think I may get some satin and make one for Easter. I may add a bow at the waist band to dress it up. The possibilities are endless but if I keep practicing my daughter can have some super cute outfits at a fraction of the cost!



Holly said...

Love the hair accessory holder; what a nice gift! And the outfit is absolutely adorable!

Melissa Haak said...

Thank you Holly! I loved how easy it was! The outfit gave me as much trouble as the toddler who of course didn't want to wear it! I can't wait to try the skirt pattern again now that I know the trouble spots.

Mayet said...

you've got nice projects here!! I am trying my hand on sewing this year, got a long way to go to make a skirt for my gals ;=)