Friday, February 12, 2010

Fab Find Friday

So usually my Fab Find Friday's are something that I love and want to tell you all about, cause I'm that mom that always answers questions/problems with "have you tried this, it's AWESOME!" I know, so annoying! so to save my friends I blog about it. I also have used this space to do reviews and I have some Fab Finds coming up about local hidden gems. Generally this space is pretty all-inclusive.

Not today, sorry.

Today my Fab find is just for bloggers.

Business 2 Blogger

So bloggers have you ever wondered how some of the bloggers you read get such awesome products to review and giveaway? Their trying out cool new products and giving their readers inside info on awesome things and all you get are offers from a supposed prince in Africa who wants you to help him move some money to America?

Well wonder no more! Some bloggers just like us (really, they are just like us!) have recently launched a new service where bloggers and business can find each other on a level playing field. It' doesn't matter if you are a new blogger who still doesn't understand how to figure out your page views or if you are a big timer poised to kick Dooce of her perch, everyone goes in at the same level. Oh and have I mentioned it's free? I know! Who are these crazy awesome people?

I am excited to get started with them, in the week since i have signed up I have already gotten two e-mails with multiple campaigns that interested me. However, I should warn you, this is an early bird program! The daily e-mail is sent out at 5am PST for preferred subscribers. For me that's perfect, it's 7am, when I'm up and blogging anyways. I have yet to apply for a campaign because of what's been going on, but I am ready and waiting (there is an e-mail this morning, Facebook told me it was coming!) and I am excited to get started.

Oh and if you are a blogger that need more motivation from now until Sunday you have a chance to win a total blog makeover including moving and setting up from Blogger to Wordpress, and you all know I have some Wordpress envy going on!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Business 2 Blogger now and sign up!


Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Just stopping by from Sits and I'm digging your blog :) If you are ever wanting a new blog design, I would love to work with you!

My personal blog:

My Business:

Nice to meet you and I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

Thanks for mentioning this, I'm going to take a look now! Oh yeah, found you from SITS. Blessings!:)

Texasholly said...

Ha! I love it. Thanks so much for the shout out. I am so glad you are enjoying it. Many people were relieved by the word that we were changing the times a bit - don't want to be responsible for waking you up early too often!

Thanks again!

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

I love this site too. It really is what a lot of us bloggers have been looking for. A way to get a relationship with businesses so we can share what we love. :)