Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Breakfast Better

Breakfast is the only meal of the day that I don't have to fight with anyone over. For my daughter it is also the biggest meal of the day. Mostly that is because she is so picky and stubborn she doesn't eat anything for dinner most nights. Now for the most part I have been unwilling to rock this boat because well, I have to fight over so many other things I have let this one go. I feel now that it's my duty as a parent to rock this boat.

Like I said it's my
daughter's largest meal of the day and nutritionally it's not that great. It's not bad, it's not junk, but there is no protein in it and that's my biggest problem. Most mornings she has 1-3 bowls of cereal (Cheerios, Multigrain Cheerios, or Trader Joe's Shredded Wheat) and or waffles, and usually fruit. We alternate between Keifer and 2% Milk for the drink. So, other than what is in the milk, there is no real source of protein. In fact in her whole day the only protein she is getting is from milk and peanut butter. We usually get one bite of meat in her at dinner unless we are serving ham or some kind of sausage product. Then she eats her weight.

I know kids go through phases. My son was a a self imposed vegetarian for years. However he would eat tofu, at every meal. We fried it, we cooked it however we were cooking our meat. He would even eat it out of the fridge crumbled on macaroni. My daughter won't touch tofu, won't eat eggs, and meat is a fight. I know we have made this worse. I know that this is not healthy but I don't know what to do!

I feel like breakfast is the best place make a change. She is starving and ready to eat at breakfast. I have tried eggs, no go. I have tried different breakfast sausages, calling them hot dogs, and she still won't eat them. I know a big problem is that she is a texture eater and she does not like the way eggs feel in her mouth (I didn't really eat eggs much until I was older). But I am out of ideas! The only advice I have been given is Carnation breakfasts and making smoothies with them...but to add another level of difficulty we have to watch how much milk/dairy she gets because of constipation. I also want her to eat her nutrients, not learn that she can take a pill or a drink and get what she needs for the day.

So I am turning to you parents of the internet.

What are you feeding your munchkins for breakfast?

I am willing to get up earlier and bake and do whatever it takes to try to get a healthier breakfast into her. So please tell me, what your feeding them, link up to recipes. In the meantime I am going to be stalking Chowmama's site and seeing what I can come up with.


Unknown said...

For both my 4 year old and my 12 month old, I do waffles, (eggo, I'm not good enough for homemade), yogurt, and cereal for him & oatmeal for her. I do the fruit/yogurt gerber blends for my daughter in the yogurt so she's getting some good nutrients there. Protein is a tough one if your daughter is not a fan of meat-- I'm afraid I'm no help there! Good luck!

Otter Thomas said...

Our son loves eggs and pankakes or toast. He eats them almost every day.

Unknown said...

Great picture. Gotta love those egg breakfasts..

Angelina said...

My son is a natural vegetarian. He literally gags on meat. I make sure to give him a chew-able vitamin daily and I also put peanut butter on everything I can. Peanuts don't have as much protein as meat but it's better than nothing.

Tonya said...

Breakfast is my son's best meal of the day too. He's a big meat eater, but only for certain things. I think my son could eat breakfast for lunch and dinner too. Pancakes, cereal, sausage, bacon, and fruit are some of his favs. He never liked eggs though.

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

Robin H said...

Besides cereal, my 2-year-old really likes to eat an english muffin or bagel half with Laughing Cow cheese or just melted cheese (or Nutella on occasion to be special), plus any kind of fruit on the side.

If your daughter likes Kefir, will she eat yogurt? We often do yogurt "with crunchies" (granola, sometimes homemade, plus fruit/raisins/nuts as he so chooses) for breakfast or snack. We also make everything muffins (apple+carrot+raisin+zucchini+nuts... I'll look for the recipe for you if you want it).

You said she doesn't like eggs, but have you tried making a quiche or a strata? We love to make "egg pie" and you can put any kind of meat/cheese/veggies in it that you like.

My husband is content to eat leftovers for breakfast (when he eats breakfast). If the toddler sees him eating, say, leftover homemade pizza, he'd rather eat the pizza too and I figure that's better than no breakfast.

If you want to stick with breakfast style foods, you won't find more recipes than Mr. Breakfast.com.

Gretchen said...

Cheese is a good source of protein, but I know you're watching dairy.

You could do toast with peanut buter or a bagel with peanut butter.

Also, what about bacon or sausage links? OUr family LOVES to eat Kolaches which are like pigs in blankets.

I know the fat content is higher with those meats, but there are also turkey sausages and turkey bacon. Plus if your daughter isn't eating much then I'm sure fat is not a problem for her.

Also, don't be afraid to serve her "non-breakfast" foods in the morning. Give her some Chicken nuggets! Or a hot dog! Who says breakfast has to be waffles??