Thursday, February 25, 2010

My You Grow up So Fast

I walked into our new house, in our new town clutching my baby girl to my chest.

It was a nice house and a nice enough town it just seemed, a little weird. We stopped for coffee before coming home and the place was packed with teenagers and adults alike. It's 10am on Thursday! Why isn't anyone at work or school? Is today some holiday I don't know about? Then there was the clothes. Everyone was immaculately dressed, totally put together in great looking outfits and accessories. There was not one slob or hobo in the entire place! However other than one older women in an over the top fur coat not one person had a coat with them or on. It's February and it's cold! Maybe there was a secret coat room that I didn't see so that the ambiance of the coffee shop isn't broken.

Hubs: Something wrong dear? Don't you want to see our new house?

I shake me head to bring me out of my thoughts of the weird coffee house.

Me: Yeah, Yeah, of course, I was just daydreaming I guess. Are you sure there are other kids here for Felicity to play with?

Hubs: Of course! The realtor said it was a family filled neighborhood and when I came to visit I saw 3 babies out with their parents.

Me: Great!
(I wonder to myself, where are they? All I have seen was some school age kids on this street and the teenagers at the coffee shop)

Hubs: You okay, really?

Me: Yeah, I guess. I guess, I'm just nervous about fitting in here.

Hubs: You'll be great! Everyone is friendly and your an amazing women! It's really going to be wonderful. (He leans down and kisses Felicity and me) Let' go in.

We go through the front door and I am shocked. I think I audibly gasp, but I can't be sure. My head is spinning. The movers apparently have set up our whole house. It's immaculate and beautiful but aside from a a few picture frames that I can see are clearly our family, it looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.


Me: Where is all our stuff? Where are the boxes? Where did these things come from!

Hubs: This is our stuff, it was part of the moving package. They set up the house for us. Isn't it nice?

Me: I need to sit down, this is too much for me.

Hubs: Okay, I'll take Felicity up to her new room to look around and change her diaper.

Me: Okay

I lay down on the immaculate white (WHITE!) couch. I feel like I have entered some weird dimension. Where is my beat up old yellow couch, I mean I know this couch is nice but mine was so comfy. I lean back and sigh, there is going to be a lot of adjustment here. I look up as I hear hubby bouncing down the stairs, he has Felicity on his back and I scream!

Hubs: What is the problem honey, are you okay?

Me: (through sobs and hysterics) My baby! Where is my baby!

Hubs: (Clearly confused) She's right here on my shoulders

Felicity (now an almost 4yr old toddler): Hi mommy! What's wrong?"

Me: (Shaky, and clearly upset) No, no , no, what is this place? What is going on? Am I in a dream? You took my 6mo old BABY upstairs and you brought down a toddler? Is this a sick joke? I don't understand what is going on?

Hubs: (sending Felicity to go play and coming to hold me and sit me on the couch). Honey, honey, it's going to be okay, you're fine and that's still your baby, it's just we've moved to Salem. Didn't you realize? In Salem the kids grow a little faster, they go upstairs and come back older. She'll be a teenager by next week. But don't worry, don't cry, it will be okay. You and I? We're not going to age anymore. In fact you'll still be having babies when your 50. You'll get used to it.

I look at him, and faint.


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This weeks prompt: Why do we watch them? Make fun of soap operas with a piece of writing.
Special thanks to SaraEisMe for the daughter's name- children had fried my brain and I couldn't think of one!


Shell said...

This was perfect for that! Love it!

Unknown said...

Wow, at first I couldn't make sense of it, then it all became clear when I read the prompt at the end. Great piece of writing!

Melissa Haak said...

Thanks guys! I am hopelessly addicted to Days of Our Lives and I don't do a lot of story/creative writing so this was a fun post to do!

Unknown said...

That was wonderful!! What a fantastic writing piece! Love it!