Saturday, March 27, 2010

DIY Saturday: Bird Bath

Every year our school,like many schools, holds a big fund-raiser. Part of our event includes an auction and we wanted to have something from the children in it. I was in charge of putting together that something.

We wanted it to be something that parents would want and can use and since some of the funds were being used to bring nature into the classroom we wanted the project to fit with the "nature theme". There are three classes at his school so it would also have to be a project that worked for young 3's as easily as the pre-k 5 year olds. No small feat!

One of the teachers had remembered seeing a project once that stacked terra cotta pots to make a bird bath. It was a great idea! Thanks to the internet we were able to fin the instructions here.

I think they came out great huh?

We were so lucky to get local business to donate all the supplies! One of them went at auction for $200! Which was the greatest reward of all!

The project is so easy, it's just three pots stacked on top of each other with a saucer resting on top. I think this would make a great present for a grandma or someone else who is special and loves to garden. You can alter the size to fit your yard, in fact one of the teachers will be making it for mothers day by just doing the top pot and saucer. Basically each pot should be 2 inches smaller than the one below it and the saucer should be 4inches bigger than your biggest pot.

You can find the instructions here but here are my notes/tips to expand on those:
  • We use exterior paint that had the sealant in it so we wouldn't have to seal it after paint.
  • we used acrylic craft paints and if I did it again I would use patio paints (found at local craft stores) because like the exterior paintings it would have the sealant already in it.
The design in the one that is pictured (because it's my sons class and will be taking up residence in my yard) was made using the kids fingerprints to make the ants, and the ant hills and flowers.

The younger classes used hand prints to make flowers and butterflies. I am so pleased by how they came out and the kids had a great time making it! Now I will have to be on the lookout for ideas for next year, because we have set the bar high!

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FadraN said...

I love it! Perfect for a spring time craft for me and my 3yo son. Especially since he loves birds and our yard has tons!!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cute!!! We may have to do that this summer.

Unknown said...

Too cute! Love it!

Stopping from SITS.

Jane said...

What a great idea! Sounds like it was a successful project and fundraiser.

Stopping by from SITS and enjoyed my visit!