Friday, April 30, 2010

Old School Photo Friday

Dumb mom has started a new meme, Old School Photo Friday, and I'm going to throw her a bone and participate! Bonus for you Friday's are now a two for one! My Fab Friday post will be coming up soon.

I don't usually double dip but I was excited with this one because I have thousands of pictures that are sitting ignored on my computer. They were never edited, printed, scrap-booked (when i had the time and energy to do that). Nothing, just sitting getting virtually dusty in a hard drive that desperately needs to get backup-ed before it decides to die.

So I decided to start at the very bottom of Picassa and start working up to find a photo. Well the first 10 folders are all scanned images from when we got our scanner in 2001 and they were all wedding related and ick. So the one I choose, is also a scanned image, but I played with it a bit so it's not so crummy.

Yep it's a tree.

I know DumbMom was all look at how skinny I used to be, and I give you a tree.

I like trees.

I choose this one because it was one of the last time we went camping. Hubs and I used to camp all the time. We loved being outdoors and hiking. According to the photo this was 5/27/2001....I'm not sure that's right. Anyway, this is a tree on a trail when we were camping.

We went with another couple, Hubs best friend and his new girlfriend. She was not an outdoorsy person and spent the whole time stomping on every daddy long leg she saw. It rained while we were there and the wood was wet, so Hubs Friend decided to try and poor propane on the wood to get it to light. Propane is a gas. The fire pit was up a small hill (barely noticeable) from their tent. Propane is heavier than air. Can you guess what happened when he lit the match? A shooting flaming fireball shot out, down hill, towards the tent. We laughed. I'm pretty sure they have never been camping again.

I think (if that date is right). We got one more trip in before we became parents.

We haven't been brave enough to try it with kids. Maybe this summer we'll have to get a tent.


Gretchen said...

that photo is really awesome. Beautiful lighting.

Unknown said...

i love trees too. Probably has something to do with working on a tree farm for 12 years.

Jennifer said...

I love camping. We really want to take the kids but haven't been brave enough to give it a try yet.

And I like pictures of old barns. I have no idea why.

Dumb Mom said...

So you liked my skinny picture, eh?! Nice! Too bad it wasn't taken yesterday, then I wouldn't be sitting over here thinking about cupcakes and bread and all of the delicious things I miss now that I'm on Weight Watchers. Trees are nice too. Especially that one. Thanks for linking up. Come back next week for more!