Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Storm

{ photo credit Salvatore Vuono }

The sky turns gray. Dark storm clouds roll in.

Rumbles of thunder shake her to the core, she picks up the pace but she won't be able to out run the clouds, she realizes that ans slows down, accepting defeat and waiting for the pelting to began.

The storm starts to bear down. Big heavy drops beating on her head, drenching her body. The lighting strikes light up the whole sky ,like glimpses of the future. Illuminating the dark corners that can't be seen.

She didn't ask to be stuck in this storm, didn't want to be caught in it.

But now she is is and she needs to push through, take the beating rain and move on and through.

It seems like forever, like she will never get home and feel the warmth and love again.

She will, she just doesn't know when so she presses on, how can she not? She can't just stand in the storm and allow it to drown her, she must press on knowing that someday, soon, she will be wrapped in the warm and light of home.


Erin said...

I love that this can be interpreted literally or metaphorically. What kind of storm are you caught in?

paige said...

Nice in a sad sort of way.

Shell said...

Such a beautiful and touching post.

Ann Imig said...

Congrats on the redesign.

You know the good thing about rain right? WORMS!