Monday, May 10, 2010

I Guess they have to Go

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My son turned five last week, and before he turns six he will be having his first "elective surgery".

I say "elective" because the original title of this post was "To Tonsil or not to Tonsil".See back in March, with case #2, our doctor sent us to an ENT. My son had a very large lump on his neck, which was a swollen lymph node. He was more concerned with he size of the tonsils. 

The ENT looked at his ears first, good, good "these are the best ears I have seen all day!". Great! No ear infection. "open up,say ahhhhh....oh my don't need to get too close I can see those tonsils from space."

We went on to discuss his symptoms, horrible, sounds like an old man or a train snoring, strep (for the second time). We decided that we would be conservative. Watch them, finish antibiotics and see if they come down. Surgery would be our decision, when and if we wanted it. 

My husband didn't. Wait and see he said, it's not inevitable. I researched, it's hereditary. Parents with large tonsils have kids with large tonsils. I suffered with multiple horrible throat infections before mine were removed. It's common, we even have a friend whose son is the same age, he had it done last week. Still, I waited, hoping, praying. No one wants to put their child under anesthesia. 

Than came April 22, strep AGAIN. Antibiotics AGAIN. Our primary (who has been my primary since I was  18- we trust him!) Offered a second opinion, they need to come out. Now. He is probably harboring strep in them and will continue to get it over and over again, they are way to big.


To have them removed he would miss 10 days of school. There are only 14 days left. We are hoping to wait, do it after school, after I get home from CBC. So we would have nothing to do but sit in the yard and eat ice cream (I mean him of course, I would just be "supervising").

Then yesterday, he didn't want to eat. He said it hurt to swallow. This morning he was up at 5:30 crying, it hurt so bad. He feels warm....probably strep again. Good thing we already have an appointment ( 5 year/ Kindergarten check up), looks like we won't be waiting much longer.

It looks like our plans for summer vacation will be surgery, sooner rather than later. I know it could be so much worse. We are so lucky to have healthy children that aren't fighting for their lives or battling cancer. I am so aware of that. The fact still remains that I will have to hold my baby, my scared baby and watch him wheeled away to the OR. 

It's not fair. We will make up for it with lots of ice cream and love, and hope that it will make him feel better. I will stay strong and stoic for him, because that's a mother's job. Inside, I will be having a complete breakdown.


Tasha Lehman said...

You won't regret it. I grew up with tonsil problems and my parents never had mine removed. Fast forward to 20+ years of throat infections and I had to get them removed at 30 years old after an emergency hospital stay because my tnosils sweled up so bad I couldn't all. NOT pretty. My kids had the same problems, large tonsils, constant strep, I wasn't going to let them suffer their whole lives like I did. They have all three had theirs out and they haven't been sick since. Best thing we ever did!! It's a rough couple of weeks recovery but so worth it in the end. Let me know of you have any questions, I feel like I'm a tonsillectomy pro! Oh, and FYI, ice cream HURTS! Try pudding instead. :)

Logical Libby said...

It will be two days of misery, and then he will be fine. Just keep Popsicles on hand for him, and tequila for you.

Sturgmom said...

My middle son had tubes put in his ears a few years ago and the anesthesia was the worst part, unfortunately. But once he came out of it, he was perfectly fine! Hugs to you and your little guy!

Ms. Understood said...

I hope everything works out. He's gonna love the "treatment" regimen you've laid out for after the surgery I'm sure.

Ms. Understood from SITS