Friday, May 21, 2010

Old School Photo Friday

We're continuing our honeymoon journey through Italy this week, you can see Milan here.

After Milan we drove, yep this was a driving tour of Italy. Which was an adventure in and of itself. I should have mentioned that in Milan. See when you are young and traveling with your new bride in a foreign country where you plan on driving from one end to the next what do you do? You rent the biggest (we are so America) car you can get. So we were driving an Audi A4. Which doesn't seem big in America where everyone is driving SUVs but in Milan, there were a lot of these and these:

So an A4? Well it was hard to park, we would have to wait for 2 or three people to pull out to make room. So we basically drove it in between the cities and then parked it in a garage. When you pull into a garage in Milan (especially one as big as an A4) they say, when do you want it back and than the triple park it somewhere in the depths of the garage. 

So where were we? Oh yes, what came next. 

We drove to Venice. I could tell you how beautiful it was to drive but I am not going to lie. I have a sickness and if I am not driving (or being nagged and whined to death) I cannot stay awake in a moving car. Even in Italy. So I slept most of the way. 

Venice was as beautiful as you would imagine:

It was even better because we had friends who lived on the main land, in Mestre. So on top of all the tourist things like cathedrals and gondola rides. We also go to hang out at local restaurants and in their home with friends. It was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the highlights of the trip and experience. 

Oh so beautiful, and just an amazing experience.

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Dumb Mom said...

Those are so amazing photos. Always wanted to go there, but never made it. And now since my idea of a vacation involves a prepubescent boy shoved inside a furry suit that makes my baby scream bloody murder I'm not thinking I'll make it anytime soon:(. Thanks for participating in Old School Photo Friday. It will be back with a vengeance next week when I'm done lazing around my house, I mean hosting my photo contest!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Gorgeous photos!! Seriously... I've never been, but my husband has, and he keeps talking about how we need to go, and I'm not arguing :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I haven't been to Venice, but oh, Italian driving is something else! And I know what you mean about not being able to stay awake in a moving car :)

aladdinsane12 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your photos are beautiful- it sounds like such a fun trip! I've only been to Rome and had a nightmare of a time :( I'll have to check out Venice next time. But I heard it smells weird (?)

Amber Page Writes said...

That's gorgeous! I'd love to get to Italy someday. Maybe when I'm old and gray?