Friday, June 11, 2010

Human Form Made Fluid

The Human Form Made Fluid

Her skirt flits and flows around the sleek and strong muscles of her legs like clouds swirling around a mountain. 

plié and pointe, plié and pointe 

She warms up her muscles until they move with the fluidity of water.

plié and pointe, plié and pointe

She bounds out on to the stage leaping through the air and landing and spinning in one fluid motion into the arms of her partner. 

plié and pointe, plié and pointe

She spins fluidly like water circling the drain. Her partner and her become one in a spin and he lifts her in the air and she becomes the wind, bending and forming over his body. 

plié and pointe, plié and pointe

They move together in fluid motion one being, two bodies. Strength masked by beauty and fluidit of their movements. 

plié and pointe, plié and pointe

They are dancers and when music fills the air that surrounds them it becomes the water in which they can weightlessly float. Letting the flow of the music and the vibrations of the sound guide them. 

plié and pointe, plié and pointe 

They are dancers, human form made fluid. 

This post is part of Creativity Boot Camp (I am using short story, fiction, as my medium but Meaghan wanted us to break our rules and try something different, so I tried a more poetic (?) form of story). Prompt: Fluid. This was my inspiration, it's a video you should totally watch!  I have decided to do both a photo and writing from the prompt, because I'm a little crazy like that. These photos are from the prompt, breaking my rules and using the self timer. If you want to see the other ones I did for this prompt check out my Flickr Stream


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I had not read this when I said that I thought of a dancer. Wonderful! You captured everything I had in my head. Lovely!!!!

Diana Joy said...

Beautiful portrail of fluidity. I thought of my grown daughter while reading it...she danced for 14 years.

Ms. Becky said...

i love this! it instantly caught my eye. the color and movement is...well...fluid. just lovely. and your writing is beautiful also. you are very creative.

Mary Lesh said...

I'm a fan! Love it and would you believe I wanted to get a picture of a dancer yesterday, but didn't know where to get one. That was one of my first thoughts. Sorry I did not get a chance to read this yesterday, I had a date with my husband and took the night off. Great job as usual.

Corinne Cunningham said...

Oooh! Loved this. Gorgeous (and you were right, we were sort of along the same lines!)