Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Sales Rack

My brain and my house need a little break after the last two weeks of Creativity Boot Camp. With the closing of the SVMom's Blog's I'm re-posting my Chicago Mom's Blog post's over here. We will resume regularly scheduled ramblings, Words of WisdomFab Find FridayThe Sunday Funnies and the new Bigger Picture Moments and The Sunday Creative next week. (can I get more links in an intro?!?!?!?)

If you send a mom of two to Target and she sees a sales rack, she just might take a look. 

While taking a look she might think to herself, hmm this is a great purse, she'll start to day dream about carrying purses.

Her daydream will be interrupted by a little child "I haf to go potty! I haf to go potty!"

After that potty break she will think to herself, I have successfully potty trained two children, I deserve a purse!

She will buy that cute purse (the first in 5 years that didn't come with a changing pad!).

And if you give a mom a purse, she's going to want to go home and clean out her diaper bag. 

While cleaning out her diaper bag she will start to cry and realize her babies are no longer babies anymore. She will need to find a tissue. 
She will find the tissue in her new purse, which will make her smile and remind her she has successfully potty trained two children. 
She will start to carry the purse everywhere and feel very grown-up and mature. She will think, I need a new pair of shoes to go with it. 
If you give a a mom a new pair of shoes, she just might start to feel like a real woman again and want to get dressed up. She will call a sitter and make plans for a date. 
When she's hugging her kids goodnight one of them will have an accident on her new shoes while the other looses his cookies in her new purse.
She will cancel her date and go to Target to get medicine for her child, and while she's there she just might stop to look at a clearance rack. 

This post was originally published at Chicago Mom's Blog on March 9, 2010 . (post inspired by the much beloved Laura Numeroff and Is there Anymommy Out There)


Betsy said...

This is funny. Also, true.

Alexandra said...

So sad about SV moms closing, it was such an outlet, wasn't it?

Good to see your writing here.