Monday, June 7, 2010

The Picnic

She jumps out of the car almost as excited as the puppy jumping around behind her. In front of them the large green hill that they had been waiting for loomed tall and wide. It had been a long dark winter, filled with snow and ice and they were clamoring to begin their ascent to the top. She couldn't wait to feel the air in her hair as she ran down. Running, faster and faster, her puppy nipping at her heels, eventually over taking her as she tumbles and rolls down the hill in a fit of laughter

This was their, hers and her puppies, favorite spot. They would run up and down and up and down until hunger or exhaustion caused them to finally tumble onto the picnic blanket. A heap of panting and huffing, their golden locks tumbling over one another, making it hard to know where the child ends and the puppy begins. They cherish these moments. The ability to run free without a care or a worry. No one to yell at them to get off the grass or to stop barking. To be carefree like a dog and a girl should be. 

Her mother always brings an old worn comforter for them to sit on. Faded and stained it soft and warm and really, that's all a picnic blanket needs to be. The best part of the their set up is the basket anyway. It's a lovely large and fancy real picnic baskets. One of the few items owned by her mom that doesn't embarrass her for being to old, or tacky, or cheap. Anyone at school would be jealous of  this beautiful basket. It is old, but not in a dated and embarrassing sort of way, in a classic and important sort of way. It opens up and holds all their food inside. The girls favorite part is the lid where all the special, picnic only, plates and silverware are held. Their bright yellow and contrasting so perfectly with the red check fabric that lined the inside of the basket. Not scratched, worn or faded like the Tupperware dishes they have at home. This are nice, still bright and shiny. The little girl loved that basket and all that it meant. 

The little girl loved everything about this place. From the running the hill to the picnic on the warm worn blanket. In this place everything seemed right and good. They were a normal family that loved and cared for each other. There was no yelling and screaming, there was no embarrassment. There were no mocking kids laughing at her clothes or hair or whatever "it" thing she didn't have this week. It was just a girl and her dog running in the wind with two loving parents looking on with adoration in their eyes. 

Yes, this place, this picnic was perfection. If only she could stay here forever. 

This post is part of Creativity Boot Camp (you should do it too!). Prompt: Picnic. I have decided to do both a photo and writing from the prompt, because I'm a little crazy like that. You can see the rest of the photos at my Flickr Stream


Corinne Cunningham said...

That sounds like a lovely day, a lovely place and moment. Well done :)

becca said...

Beautiful. I felt like I was there myself. Great job!

Mary Lesh said...

Well done! Your writing is entertaining, enticing and endearing.

The Hollywood Memoirs said...

LOVE the first shot! "Worm's Eye View" photos are my favorite.

krissilugbill said...

Love both of these shots! nothing like going around with bare feet, wonderful! Love your blog too, fabulous name!

Louise said...

A story and photographs - all really lovely!

Alita said...

"They would run up and down and up and down until hunger or exhaustion caused them to finally tumble onto the picnic blanket."

YES! Yup, that is the definition of many of the picnics I have with my toddler.

Great story and Great shots!

Mommylebron said...

This was such a sweet post! I can't wait to catch up! I'm working on Day 1 right now. BTW, I have a button now...feel free to grab it. :)