Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sunday Evening Post

Remember when I used to be a morning blogger, and my post were always up around 6am? Yeah I don't remember that either. Man summer vacation is only a week in the books and it is already messing with my mommy balance! So why I crash and burn from my first week of summer, here is the long awaited Sunday Morning Evening Post.

The Arts Section
Have you been playing along with the Creativity Boot Camp? It has been a great experience, so inspiring to me and so many other people, THANK YOU Maegan!

I have been writing fiction and it has really been a great and opened up something inside of me I didn't know was there.  I have also been trying to do photography as well, but with no sun this weekend, well Chicago can sometimes be a black hole of natural light so I am hoping to get some sun tomorrow to catch up on my shots. If you're looking for inspiration and have an hour, or two or three to get sucked in to the awesomeness you should check out the Creativity Boot Camp Flickr Pool. It is really amazing!

I could not possibly in a million years narrow down a favorite, so I am going to just say that I loved these two. 

The Technology Section

The  Book Section

The World Famous Funnies

  • Although I may wear the heels only on the rare occasion now, I think it's safe to say, I'm still just a high heeled girl adjusting to a life in flats. (via High Heels and High Chairs )
  • This is where I try to pin it all down like pretty butterflies on a velvet page that crumble when you touch them (via Anymommy)
Finally, remember this photo?

Of course you do, how could you forget that adorable blonde (I'm talking about OBaby of course!)

Here are the captions, vote for one, or top one, I will pick a winner and send them a swag bag on Friday:

  1. What's that I feel on my Lap? (Weaselmomma)
  2. "Do I have any salad in my teeth?" (Tres)
  3. I can't believe you just ate the last bite of mommy's chocolate sundae! (Megryansmom)


Corinne Cunningham said...

My vote is for #2 :)

Unknown said...

I vote for #3!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

#2 for me! Thank you very much for the kind words!

Jen said...

Wow, thank you so much for the shout out and that picture is fabulous. I like #1.

Kristen Howerton said...


Texasholly said...

#1! Thanks for the shout out! Always love checking out your links....hmmmm, that doesn't sound right...