Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Sunday Morning Post

{ photo credit Victoria }

Get a comfy chair and a nice hot cup of coffee, tea what have you as we browse through another edition of the The Sunday Morning Post.  What section of the paper do you start with? (PS This is an extra packed edition due missing last week, so make sure your drink of choice is in a large cup!)

The Funnies
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barefootfoodie: Trying to talk @jenbshaw into moving in w me until she gives birth. We can do a home birth in my hot tub. I'll totally clean it out 1st.
8:55pm, May 31 from TweetDeck

allisonzapata@barefootfoodie this whole time I had no idea you were a doula.
8:57pm, May 31 from Web

barefootfoodie@allisonzapata Dude. I like the suppository of birthing. Did that make sense?
9:00pm, May 31 from TweetDeck

allisonzapata@barefootfoodie so u look up your butt stuff?
9:05pm, May 31 from TweetDeck

barefootfoodie@allisonzapata um NO. I make stuff come out. Like babies. DUH.
9:06pm, May 31 from TweetDeck

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Health & Fitness


Book Reviews

Events (Society Pages)
  • A great CBC Recap where you can easily spot the one that is not local (hint, her shoulders are showing!) (From Kristen)

The Arts
boot camp
It Starts today! Are you in?

The Ads
  • Have you seen my Fab Friday Feature this week? I'm giving away a FAB iGo Green Charger, check it out! (ends June 10!)
  • Did you know I'm on Facebook? We should be friends, or like each other, or whatever it's called these days!
  • Also, while I was away at CBC I had another post up at Chicago Mom's Blog about Graduating from the Mommy Club, I like comments over there too!
  • Finally, if you've made it this far, congratulations! To reward you, another little contest:

That's me and OBaby having breakfast at CBC (photo taken by the fabulous Heather). You write the best caption and I will send you a Swag Bag. What's in it? All sorts of stuff, a t-shirt, a travel mug, some make up, some homemade cards, at this point I don't even know all that is in there but to make room in my office I will send it to you! A surprise little Swag Bag and no conference attendance required. Easy Peasy, no extra entries, just a caption. Contest closes at Midnight on June 12.

Got something you want me to highlight in The Sunday Morning Post? Shoot me an email no later than the Saturday before for consideration. 


Corinne Cunningham said...

Love the links! Thanks for including me and BPB and so many incredible posts!! I'm in link overload... but I'll check them all out :)

WeaselMomma said...

Woo-hoo! I made the list again, thanks.

WeaselMomma said...

"What's that I feel on my lap?"

TRES said...

"Do I have any salad in my teeth?"

Heather of the EO said...

Don't put me in the contest, it feels wrong, since I was at CBC and got such great stuff.

But the caption?
In Which OBaby Asks for Proof of Tonsilectomy

AllisonO of O My Family said...

CRACKING UP at Heather's entry. I am exempt from the contest too because, really, he's my son and I know what he's actually thinking... which is this:

"What? Is it really that impressive that I have such a huge fan base?"

One Crafty Mother said...

Hey - Just stopping by to say WOW! I'm so glad to find your blog - SO MUCH great reading here!!!

Thanks so much for including me - I'm honored! :) And many of my already favorite bloggers are here, too.

Got a lot of clicking to do .... thanks again!