Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Coupons no Savings!

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I am pretty much a failure at being a housewife. This is common knowledge to my husband, he knew it when he married me. He also knew I was a bio major and that the chance for me making any money in my life would require him to spend more money on school. So I stay home, and I am not so good at it. I mean I’m great with the kids part, mostly, I think if you ask me or my kids. But the housewife part, not so much. I mean it’s well documented that I am completely undomestic. It's known that I can bake pretty darn well, but cooking is still not something I am great at.
Now after looking over my grocery bill I have decided I also suck at grocery shopping.

See I know all the rules, all the tricks. I work around the outside of the store first, I meal plan, mostly, and I almost never shop without a list. I scour the sales ads and I get the coupon circular in triplicate. I know what I’m supposed to do. However I still manage to come home over budget and forgetting something!
I know problem number one is the kids. 

If I do the shopping 9 times out of 10 the children are with me. Shopping with two children means I cannot do math, I cannot think, I just grab and throw in cart, grab and throw. If we get home with all the children and all the groceries it’s a miracle. Watching to see if I got the best price, or maximized all my sales is not high on my list. Surviving the trip is. In fact, I am pretty sure we walked out of the grocery store without paying for our seltzer yesterday. It was sitting on the top of the cart by my youngest and everyone was bouncing around at checkout. The teller and bagger (combined age 150-175) were fawning over the children. I remembered my canvas bags and we were shuffling stuff around, and when we got outside I thought, hmmmm, I don’t think she scanned that, as it was still sitting in the top next to my youngest. But it was lunch time, 90 degrees and I had two tired hungry children. I will give them an extra dollar next time, at least I wasn’t at a Whole Paycheck! 

The second thing I noticed is this. I am a magpie for the word sale. I fall every single time for the two for something sale! My husband, will buy just one, like a smart budget conscious person should. I also noticed that even though I have been going to the huge discount chain Stuffmart that I am not saving as much as I could. Why? I throw so much more in my cart, or buy two instead of one because “It’s so cheap!”.

Sigh. I must remember a sale is not a sale If you don’t need it! Or that if my husband wants to continue to have a budget for beer he needs to do the shopping, with out me or the children!

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Great post! I am trying hard to stay in our budget every week too :)

Sandy said...

I am terrible at saving money on groceries. The kids definitely are a big reason for that. MY goal is to get in and get out as quickly as possible so I don't really have time to check prices. My hubby on the other hand, knows how to stretch a dollar. That's why he is main grocery shopper at our house!

Justine said...

I fall for the Sale signs too! And I'm TERRIBLE with coupons. I often walk in with coupons and walk out forgetting to use them. It's a running joke in my house. I don't think I've been successful using them at all. The way I save on groceries is to go to ethnic markets that sell their produce cheaper (and they often have better varieties anyway). Big box markets is my undoing. The sale signs, the buy three get on free...and I walk away with enough to feed six for the week, not three.

Unknown said...

Oh how well I know this feeling - there just isn't a way to think (let alone do math) when my 4 kids are in tow - they are always touching, talking or having a tantrum.

Angie said...

haha I can totally relate. i love the two-fer's as well and NEVER buy just one, sometimes 4! :) and we too have walked out without paying for something - last week it was dish soap. little man had to hold it in the front basket and by the time we got to the check-out he was sitting on it so I didn't even see it till we were loading in the car and like you said - 90 out, hot, sweating, hungry, eh....i spent enough as it was! i like this post.

Jennifer said...

If you like sales and coupons you should check out the Grocery Game website. She plans your grocery list out based on what is on sale and what coupons are out and basically tells you what is a good stock up price and what really isn't worth your time. Now you would have to stick with it when you actually got to the store, but I did it for a while and really liked it. I just don't have time to keep up with it anymore.