Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do Good Day!

Today is the day!

I will be heading to the city today, with a car full of stuff and the kiddos. We are going to be providing lunch for the families of the Ronald McDonald House. After that we will be heading out to our local Farmer's Market to pass out some stickers and other fun items to brighten people's day.

Don't Forget!

Just because your not in one of the areas where 77Kids is hosting a Do Good Day doesn't mean that you can't do some good in your own neighborhood! You could:

  • Open a door for someone, give up your seat on a buss or let someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store
  • sweep off  (rake, shovel) the whole sidewalk
  • smile at people you pass bu
  • offer a free car wash to your neighbor
  • leave a note of support or appreciation for someone who could use it
  • visit with someone you know who is in a nursing home
  • write/color thank yous for your local firemen and police officers
  • set up a lemonade stand and offer lemonade for free to commuters on there way home from work
  • offer to weed or mo your neighbors lawn
  • you can find more ideas here (Thanks Carolyn!)
Document, in a photo, a blog post, or comment here some random act of kindness you participated in with your children today. I will randomly select one winner to receive $25 for themselves and $25 for a charity of their choice. 

You can Link up below now through Midnight tomorrow.

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Gretchen said...

What a great idea! I wish I had seen this earlier. I needed a good kick in the pants to get out there and think of people other than myself!!!