Thursday, July 22, 2010

Full Fat {Bigger Picture Moment}

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Bigger Picture Moment

I'm notorious for not reading a recipe all the way through. Which means I am usually missing an ingredient or it takes longer or is harder then expected or all of the above. We have been reading this book over, and over, and over again.

Now my kids love to help in the kitchen and my daughter loves "peeny butter" so every single time we read the story she asked to make it (there is a recipe in the back). Since we have to return the book tomorrow I decided to make try my hand at making it. It seemed easy enough, I had all the ingredients and I skimmed (see above problem) the recipe and figured I could do all the boiling and melting while they were watching their movie (chore reward) and she could ad the peanut butter at the end.

So I got to work, dropped in the chocolate to start it melting and got out the milk. Hmmm 2%, I'm sure that will work, it still has fat. Hmmm, maybe I should use half and half? Nah I decided to go with it and just try the 2%.

Sometimes apparently you need all the fat

It was an epic failure of chocolate, which doesn't happen around here often. In fact I can't throw out chocolate so I may use it as a topping on ice ream ;-)

But it got me thinking (I start to think philosophical about everything these days thanks to this lady). How much of life, enjoyment, etc doesn't turn out because we skimp out on the fat? Use what we have instead of what we need. I know I have been lacking some of the fat that is needed in life to sustain me. I need to chew the fat. I have friends I long to see and sit and chat and talk. Instead of picking up the phone and making plans I think of my exhausted days and my tired husband and how I shouldn't go out. I'm not feeding my soul the fat it needs. My muscle, they ache to move, the fat needs to be stretched and pulled and moved. Yet I sit and I sulk that I have no time without someone on top of me to make that happen.

I'm skimping out on what I need. Taking what I can get and using what I have instead of doing using the ingredients I need.

Good thing I have a vacation coming up, because it's time I read a recipe all the way through and bought and used the right ingredients!

I'll post the recipe for Peeny Butter Fudge in a separate post. Please visit and tell me what you think went wrong, hubs does not think it was the fat. 


Alita said...

I need to chew the fat, too. I need to eat less fat. I need to stop talking about how fat I am (cause I'm not and it is an injustice to myself to dwell on it)

I UNDERSTAND your need to do things the right way for yourself. Great post! I enjoyed it. Humorous and insightful.

michelle said...

great post....and now I think I need some fudge
And sometimes 2% ....just doesn't cut it.

Unknown said...

Absolutely!! :) I am the same way in the kitchen - Hubby has had to make quite a few runs to the store mid recipe. Great post! Hope you find the "fat" you need while on vacation. Call those friends up - they probably need it as much as you do! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the metaphor! And I'm with Alita, I need to stopy worrying about the how fat I am. Dwelling on it doesn't make it better.

An impending vacation is an exciting thing! I have two coming up. Yes, two!!Both will give me what I need right now. Though I admit, I hope my anticipation doesn't ruin it.

Unknown said...

I love how you turned this into a philosophical post... because that is the one thing in my life that I need to do more of. I'm usually by myself - and have the ability to go for days without seeing/talking to anyone (especially weekends). Sometimes I also need to "chew the fat" with others to keep myself healthy. :)

Unknown said...

Oh hon, I completely understand this feeling (the recipe too!). It's actually what I wrote about yesterday, the frustration of feeling incomplete and sort of at odds. It's hard when we're missing the "fat"- a perfect description for things like needing some time with friends!

A vacation sounds like heaven about now :)

Heather of the EO said...

Ah, thanks lady.

And yes, we need the "fat" of friendship-it's like air to us :)