Friday, July 9, 2010

Giving Back, We Can do More Together

I am a lifelong and perpetual volunteer, a do gooder, a give back as much as I can. I'm not bragging it's just who I am. Since 2nd or 3rd grade when my friend and I waled into the local Fire Station and asked if we could help. We spent that summer assembling coloring books.

I have tried to instill that same need to do good and give back in my children. That picture above is from my sons 4th birthday, when he gave up gifts to collect for a local shelter.  We teach them to give each week at church, to give of our time to organizations and to give what we are not using to people and organizations that can use them.

My son (5) gets it, he really does and my heart swells when he brings me toys and tells me "I don't really play with this mom, we should give it to someone who doesn't have toys". My daughter (3) is still learning.

I have been given an opportunity to Do Good with my kids and I want you to help. 

I've been commissioned by TheMotherhood and 77kids by American Eagle to participate in a national day of pay-it-forward types of kindness on Wednesday, July 14 in Chicago. It's AE's first-ever Do Good Day, launched as a way to celebrate the grand opening of 77kids stores, in which AE will be inspiring kids to focus on doing good through stories posted by real kids in their stores. We'll join with 77 other bloggers in seven cities across the United States in doing seven different service projects as a way to pay it forward, teach our little ones about doing good and increasing awareness about the 77kids store openings.

For the planning and execution of Do Good Day, I'm receiving a stipend. And I'm using some of that stipend to extend the potential for paying it forward on a bigger level.

I'm joining Hyacynth (the author of above) in taking that idea, and trying to do a little bit more. 

So I'm asking for some help.

I'll be hosting a link-up Wednesday, July 14-15 for anyone who decides to engage with their kiddos in a random act of kindness. 

If you and your little ones engage in a pay-it-forward type of kindness, simply post a picture of your little ones acting part of it out on your blog and briefly write about it. In addition, if you are not a blogger, you can send me an email. Or if you are local (hello 200+ Facebook friends!) you can donate items from this list and I will bring it to the Ronald McDonald Home at the University of Chicago, where our project will be.

After the link-up closes, will choose one person to win $25 {cash}. And additionally, that person will choose a charity to receive an additional $25.

It can be as simple as your little ones weeding a neighbor's flower bed or helping them clean out some of their unused toys and donating them to a local women's shelter. It's totally up to you!

And though I've been commissioned by AE to participate in Do Good Day, the company has NOT asked me to host this link up. I simply just wanted to pay it forward to one of my friends here by giving away $25 to her family and $25 to a charity chosen by her {and I think the simple act of engaging our little ones in a little do-good project is worthwhile in itself}.

I'm looking forward to reading about how others engage in simple random acts of kindness, and I'll soon be sharing the plan of action for team Chicago!

So join Hyacynth, Myself and the rest of the Do Good Day Chicago team and help us Do Some Good!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful thing, especially to share with children!! It can be tough to remember to encourage them to become better people by giving back, this is a perfect way to do it.

Shell said...

How exciting! I was seriously bummed that there wasn't one of these events anywhere near me.

Debbi said...

What a great project! I hope when my son is old enough he is like your son and thinks of others. It is an amazing feeling to help others! Thank for commenting on my Mommy Monologues featurette!

Unknown said...

How wonderful. I'm in the wrong country, but I've been thinking about this anyway ever since posting on my blog for my BPM about receiving a rak. A friend posted this link for me:
about getting your children engaged in random acts of kindness and your post has reminded me. Looks like I have a summer project.