Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Moments of Love {Bigger Picture Moments}

Bigger Picture Moment

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments, a place where we step back and take in life. There are moments where we're so caught up in it all, the hectic mind boggling pace of the day. We encourage you to take this opportunity to take a moment and view the Bigger Picture. Whatever that means to you. A moment where you recognized the role your faith plays in your every day life. A moment where you take note of motherhood and the importance of what you are doing. A moment that made you stop and smell breathe in the bigness of it all. The hugeness that is life and the small moments adding up to one huge Bigger Picture. 

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It's been a busy and stressful week I have deadlines to meet, a house that is messier than I think it has ever been and oh lets throw in there a tonsillectomy. So I've been a little off balanced and singularly focused this week. Namely on my son, and making sure he is drinking and recovering from his surgery. 

Today we decided to venture out The doctors said as long as my son wasn't running around, playing rough, jumping, or contact sports for two weeks he could resume normal activity as soon as he felt like it. (Yes I realize that the previously mentioned activities are all "normal" activity for a 5yr old boy, we are all having a problem with that!). So today we ventured out so his sister could go to her gymnastics class. Now, due to a story for another time, we go to gymnastics at 9am. 

We are no longer morning people. August (back to school) is going to hit this family like a rhino hitting a brick wall (it won't be pretty). We have been in afternoon preschool for a year. When we need to be somewhere before 10:00 10:30 it's stressful for everyone. On top of that, today I was busy fielding e-mails about a project, taking care of a little boy with two earaches (residual pain from surgery) and the said gymnast decided to sleep until 7:45. Remember how I said she didn't sleep

So now it's 8:30 and instead of heading to the car I am still trying to get every one's things together and my stress level is rising. By the time we got there all I wanted to do was sit down and relax, which was of course not going to happen. She struggled with drop off, he couldn't wait for me to do his puzzle book with him. Deep breathes, deep breathes. We're getting into a groove and things are starting to relax when she comes running out. POTTY!

I sigh. We do this almost every week and 9 times out of 10 she never goes, ever. But I take her, strip her of her shorts and her leotard and wait, and wait, and wait. Yep nothing. I feel myself getting frustrated again. Shes dancing around talking a hundred miles a minute in her own language I don't understand and I just want her to put her legs in the right holes when she throws herself on me and hugs me. Tight. Lets go a little and then hugs me again. Tighter. 

I smile and relax.

I tell her thank you, it was just what I needed and we go on with our class.

That stolen little moment in the bathroom stall was just what I needed to gear myself up to accept the inevitable dragging of feet, messes, running late and constant talking of toddlers. It's what go me through the day accepting that things were left undone. It fueled me until our evening routine when I was again wrapped in those chubby little arms and squeezed so tight, and kissed all over my face.

Sometimes all we need is a little moment of pure love to remind us of what's important. To recharge our batteries and lift us up.


Alita said...

Absolutely! Without a doubt, chubby little arms get me every time.

I hope that your stress level levels out for you soon. We'll be going through a similar transition in the fall. My preschooler will be going from a afternoon schedule to a morning schedule come the new school term. The only difference is that you have work to catch up on and I have no idea where we'll be (we're in the process of selling/moving.)

So good luck!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Those little moments make all the chaos so worth it :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing more terrific or pure than an unexpected dose of love from our children. Takes my breath away every time.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful way to recharge your batteries!!

Shell said...

So perfect! I often feel like I'm running around trying to get things done- and to slow down for just a minute, for a hug or a kiss or an "I love you Mommy" makes me realize what's really important.

Jennifer said...

Kid hugs are the best. Totally unexpected, usually unasked for, and ALWAYS needed. Kids have brilliant timing.

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

Tight, tighter, tightest. This is the good way to live.

This Heavenly Life said...

Those moments are the best! I'm so glad you have such a sweetie in the midst of all the chaos :)

Unknown said...

That is beautiful, and those moments make it all worth while don't they.

One Photo said...

Those are the moments that make it all worthwhile and those hugs, kisses and words of love just make all the tension and whatever else instantly melt away. I think also even at such a young age little girls know instinctively when you have reached that point where a little TLC will go a very long way.

CharityVL said...

I hope my kids never stop hugging and kissing me. Those are the things that help me put one foot in front of the other some days!

Karen said...

That's so sweet - I hope that awesomeness of having your child hug you never wears off!

Maegan Beishline said...

This is so sweet, Melissa! I cannot tell you how many times I've been humbled and centered by my little ones!

Hyacynth said...

Is this a three year old thing? Because these past few weeks, G. has been doing this to me. It's really slowed my pace, humbled my heart and given me the exact sense of what's really important, as you so beautifully pointed out. It's like these little people just know when we are at our edge, and their little arms bring us back to safety.
Wonderful moment, friend.