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My son is more curious then Curious George and Sid the Science kid put together and multiplied by 1000.

Most days by the end of the day I am pretty sure I have answered more questions then Google. It tiring and sometimes hurts my head. He gets so curious and excited that many times he is asking me another question, or the same question again, as I am opening my mouth to give him the answer.

Since he is home for summer and is with me all day long I have found myself saying. Stop, no more questions right now, or this car ride is a no question zone, mommy can't think to drive and answer a million questions. 

It was those exact words, or similar words, that rang in my ears on a drive the other morning. They burned into my brain and woke me up. What was I doing? As tiring as it was didn't I want him to be questioning his world? Inquisitive and curious? Would I ever send him to school and say, "now don't ask your teacher too many questions". On the flip side if a teacher said to me, your son asks too many questions, would I not be appalled?

Who am I if not his first, and ultimate teacher?

Gulp, that was a hard pill to swallow. 

As hard as it is to spend my days feeling like Momoogle (Mom-Google) that's my job. It may be tiring and exhausting, but no one promised me parenting would be easy. If I don't wan to answer a million questions now, when he's 5 will he still be asking me questions when he's 10, 15, 20?

So I braced myself, I apologized on that car ride and I told him to ask me again. However, I have told him if he can't wait for the answer, I will not talk over him. I need a loophole somewhere. Google has tens of thousands of servers with millions of processors to process it's questions, I just have one tired mom brain.

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Aging Mommy said...

Love the term Momoogle! The hardest part is when they learn to say why, so that after answering a question you just get asked "why?" over and over again until you cannot think of a single thing more to say :-)

Christine said...

Oh my goodness I get this, and really I'd like to know how to get a google processor installed in my brain. Wouldn't that make life easier? Lately I've found that my 4yo has more questions than I even know how to answer. And I hate saying I don't know, but I do. The bigger problem though is it usually has to do with how things are made, which is something his dad is good at. So worse than saying I don't know? Saying, you'll have to ask your dad.

Shell said...

Momoogle- LOL I understand that!

Corinne said...

We're at that point also :) Why? What's this? What do you mean? Why can't I....
But it's good. Right? I like your term, I might use it around here ;)

michelle said...

my son also asks a bizillion questions.....and I, even as a science teacher, sometimes get tired of them. And usually his questions just lead to more questions and more questions....and I always end up at some point saying i don't know or let's find out.
But, occasionally, this ulitmate teacher and momgoogle gets it right and i help him find the answer out for himself. To which he usually just replies, "why?"! ha.

Kristina Joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C (Kid Things) said...

My son is 6 and all about the question. Everything is a question. All day long it's questions, even last night he fell asleep asking questions. It's so hard to come up with answers to every one of his questions and I have been guilty of telling him enough before. Maybe, like you, I need to find a loophole.

Brooke said...

I enjoyed your bigger picture moment, thank you for sharing...I'll have to keep your story and term in mind when we enter that phase in a few year!

Jennifer said...

I get this. My daughter asks tons of questions and talks non-stop. Sometimes I just have to tell her that I need to concentrate for a minute. And I've started her on the quiet game. She's very competitive so she wants to win. LOL

Graceful said...

Sure love that phrase "Momgoogle" -- boy does that fit! Thanks for hosting Bigger Picture Moment today -- it's nice to meet you here!

Dayle said...

Oh my goodness... this brought back so many memories of when my daughter was little and in what I called the Q&A phase. So sweet, but, yes, so tiring at times. I used to have a required "quiet time" so both of us could rest. LOL

Hyacynth said...

LOL! Momoogle! And amen to only having one tired mom brain. Me too, friend. Especially after yesterday!

Maegan Beishline said...

I know just what you mean! Sometimes after I've made some gut reaction reply to one of my girls, I hear it again in my own head and wonder what I'm thinking or why I would have just said that! I have to remind myself constantly that my girls deserve my attention in whatever way they're asking for it!

Carol Covin said...

Love this post. My two sons are grown now, with children of their own, so I know it doesn't last. Of course, you are trying to encourage their curiosity. I usually stopped answering the questions when they were just asking, not really interested in the answers, but enjoying the interaction. Endless whys usually got to me after the third or fourth why to an answer.



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