Friday, July 30, 2010

Naked Motorcycle

{photo credit Ewilfong via Flickr Creative Commons }

Jenny squeezed tightly around the waist of Jeff as he speed the motorcycle through the streets of their small town. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her body as fast as the wind was wiping through her hair. She felt alive, on fire, free! They stopped at a red light and she sat up straight, straightening out her tousled curls. 

"Let's hit the beach" he said "it's a great night for a swim" he looks at her with a wink and a sparkle in his eye. She is still shaking the wind out of her hair and she glances at her watch, her mind and heart immediately start to do battle. It's after 9, she will surely miss her 10pm curfew if she says yes. Jeff's gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes speak directly to her heart and she readily agrees. The light changes and she huddles back on to his back as they take off. 

Her thoughts are swirling around in her head as fast as the air streaming past her. If her mother knew what she was doing, who she was with; Oh the yelling that would ensue! "Your only 16" she would say. "you have school work, responsibility" Blah! Wasn't she ever young? Fun? In love? Jeff was a senior, 18 and he was interested in her, HER. Plain old Jenny with the nerdy persona and the wild hair, he had finally noticed her and all the fights in the world were not going to keep her from living in this moment.

They raced down the strip and pulled up to the dark and empty beach. Jenny's heart was racing as he helped her off and chased her giggling into the sand. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close. Before she even knew what was happening they were kissing. It was amazing, his soft lips pressed to her, there bodies buzzing from adrenaline wrapped around each other. Her head was spinning. Just like that it was over.

"Let's swim!" he said pulling off his shirt and starting to unbutton his pants. Jenny, face already flush, mind in the clouds, followed suit. For once in her life she just did. She didn't think, she didn't worry (I have no suit!) she just lived. She stripped down to just her underwear and chased after Jeff diving into the cool water. Goosebumps covered her body as she emerged wet and glistening in the moonlight. They swam and kissed and held each other in the dark still waters for what felt like forever. Jenny couldn't believe this was happening, afraid she would wake up from this dream and it would be all gone.

Suddenly spotlights scanned the beach, their peace interrupted by that undeniable sound of a police horn and intercom "The Beach is Closed!". They both gasped and then duking under the spotlight ran to the beach. 

"Just grab your clothes and get on the bike!" Jeff said. She obeyed, grabbing her clothes and holding them over her chest as she ran to the bike. They jumped on and sped off. Her wet and naked body pressed up against his. Hearts racing, rapid breathing, laughing and smiling as they raced away from the scene wearing only their underwear and the moonlight. 

This is a pieces of fiction inspired by the prompts from The Sunday Creative (naked) and MamaKat's Writer's Workshop (It happened on a Motorcycle) click the links to join in or read others. 
The Sunday Creative Mama's Losin' It 

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Gretchen said...

Wow, that's awesome writing. Very descriptive. I envy your talent!