Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts of a Vacation Brain

I have not abandoned this space, we are vacationing. I had high hopes of all this great writing I was going to get to do while enjoying the fresh air of the lake. Allowing it to reboot my mind and soul. Really all it has done is exhaust me. Who knew relaxation could be so tiring? So some random thoughts to entertain you until I return to the land of clocks and schedules.

  • No matter how hard they play or how late they stay up, my kids are up at the crack of dawn every morning (could be part of the exhaustion)
  • We have learned that you use a knife or other flat surface to remove leeches (we're up to 2) not salt
  • S'mores taste best when made with a burnt marshmallow despite what my husband says
  • My son has diarrhea of the mouth. One night my husband told him to think his thought in his head, not say it out loud, and he could tell us when we were done talking to his sister. He tilts his head to the side and looks at us like we just asked him to translate War and Peace into French.  
    • DS: What? 
    • Husband: You know, just think the thought don't say it
    • DS: "Daddy I don't think I have ever not said a thought that has come into my head" this explains a lot.
  •  I am typing this while watching a huge thunderstorm over the lake, it's beautiful. My daughter is terrified of thunder. I tried my grandmas method and told her it was the Angels bowling. That worked for awhile at home with the soft rumbles of thunder, but in the great wilderness with cabin shaking thunder it wasn't working so my husband tried a different approach:
    • Husband: who made the butterflies?
    • DD: God
    • H: who made the bunnies
    • DD: God
    • H goes on and on with all level of happy fluffy things
    • DD:God
    • H: Who made you?
    • DD: hmmm God?
    • H: That's right,
    • DD: Did he hammer me? Did he use a hammer?
    • H: well no
    • DD: What's this for then (pointing to belly button) why did he put that there?
    • H: er um (stumbling, trying to bring it back) so who made thunder
    • DD: God
    • H: Right so you don't need to be sacred, God made it
    • DD: nope still sacred
  • We went raspberry picking this morning. What a comedy of errors! First we missed the street, then we thought hubs forgot his wallet so we turned around, only to pull into the cabin and realize it was in the glove box! We headed back out and started picking only to have a storm roll in. Which would of been fine if not for the thunder that arrived 10 min before it (see above) I was dragging a screaming 3yop through the aisles to find her daddy, because when it comes to thunder mommy is not good enough.
  • The rain was good for one thing today. I got to go thrifting/antiquing with the lady cousins. So much fun. If I could have left the kids here I would have a new dinning room, I may try to figure out how to swing it! I did get a coat rack, a bag full of awesome necklaces ($2 each!) a kitschy old apron and another  glass insulators  I started collecting them a few years ago. I think they are so cool looking lined up on a shelf with some tea lights.

Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with less thunder and more sun and sand!

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Hyacynth said...

LOL!! Well, dad, what is that belly button for then if it wasn't hammered? Hmmmm? Hmmmmmmmmm?