Monday, July 19, 2010

Recalling Common Sense?

I signed up for recall information from CPSC when I was pregnant with my first child (you should do it too, you can sign up here) for all recalls involving children's products. There is usually about one or two a week and they are really predictable. Cheap toys too much lead or cadmium, or drawstrings in hoodies, things that are genuinely not safe. Everyone once in awhile though? The recalls really make me go...WTH? What about common sense. Friday I got one, that made me wonder at what point the parent is responsible?

First, a little background. Both of my children were out of cribs and pack and plays by 18mo. My son was tall enough to climb out of them and my doctors exact quote after the first time he got out was "this is your warning, the next time he will break a bone and you can't say you didn't know" He said as soon as they can get out of the crib it's time to move to a big bed. I know, it's hard, it broke my heart. Oh, my baby is grown up, he's not a baby anymore. That is what they are supposed to do, grow up! Why are we trying to keep them in cribs until 3 or 4? I asked my doctor about crib tents, which was the solution for several of my friends. His opinion was that crib tents are best for keeping pets out of cribs, not for keeping children in, in fact the AAP  recommends against their use.

Okay, moving on to the rant that prompted this. So this was Fridays recall  it was a recall for tents that go over play yards. The reason was that the children can take the clips off and still get out of the play yard. The thing that got me is that the details of the only death, really the only injury. Now I have a lost a child, nothing is worse, my heart goes out to the parents. However, the child was 2 years old and was climbing out. Which makes sense because really you can't contain a two year old in a play yard. Since he was 2 he was smart enough to unhook the clips and take the tent off to climb out. So the parents (not the company, the parents) decided to tie, TIE, the tent to the play yard. The child was strangled in the ties that the parent put on it. Horrible, tragic, and preventable.

My heart breaks for this family who obviously had reason's to try to contain the child and did not have the resources or education to do it in a age appropriate manner. However how is the company responsible for that? Have we lost all sense of personal responsibility? Common sense? Can I get them to recall ice cream because I can't stop eating it and it's making me fat?

Okay, stepping down, I just really needed to get that off my chest.


Hen Jen said...

I agree, that is really sad-but preventable. You have a wise Dr.

My oldest was in a toddler bed at 18 mos.-they grow up so fast!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I totally agree, there seems to be no personal responsibility anymore. Heartbreaking, but really makes you ask WTH? Why does one person using a product incorrectly force a full recall?

Gretchen said...

Yep, I totally agree. When there is a death, especially the death of a child, people are not thinking rationally and they want to blame someone for their incredible loss. But, it really stinks that people are able to follow through with baseless lawsuits. It kinda ruins it for everyone else who is actually using their head.

HaB said...

Common sense, random acts of kindness, men opening doors for women, manners in children, and just plain common decency - all have fallen by the wayside. It's sad really. And, while I really do feel for the family and don't want to take away from their loss, I just don't think their actions and over lack of common sense warrant a full scale recall.

And, I have to add, that I am one of those crazy parents who's daughter is going to turn 3 in six days and she still sleeps in her crib. And, I am in NO hurry to change that.

Unknown said...

I think taking them out of the crib is a decision based on safety - not age. My son will be 3 in August and he just moved to a toddler bed 2 weeks ago when we moved. He never once tried to get out of his crib or even climb anything. We never used a play yard unless he was a baby and we stayed at a family member's house.

It is so sad that a child died. I've never seen the tents that go over the play yards and cribs, but I don't understand why anyone would tie one to a play yard and then leave their child unsupervised. What if the house caught on fire? Would the parents be able to untie the knots and get the child out of the house? Maybe I'm just way over paranoid, but those are things I think of before I do anything...

Holly said...

How RIDICULOUS for the company to be held responsible and have to recall all of those models for an alteration to the design was by the PARENT. GAH! Sad, YES! Company's FAULT? NO!

That's as bad as one reason we have a pool cover that closes and locks by key. You know, ADDED precaution so that is a child chose to CLIMB our 6 ft fence to go swimming and drowns, we could be sued... or even better, a burglar tries to flee out the back, falls in and gets injured... he can SUE! It's TRULY getting ridiculous!!

OK, the MORE important reason we have it is to protect our own grandchildren and those that are invited over. It is locked closed until adults are there and READY to supervise their little ones. Everybody out... Pool covered locked and key removed. No CHANCE of a mishap. YAY!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on this and this is one reason I do not watch the news any more. What happened to personal responsibility? UGH! Don't get me started. Glad to see I am not alone.