Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast Cars and Bagel Exile

{ 1922 Ford }

I want to write, I have so much to tell you. I need to write as there is so much in my head that needs to come out. If I could find a way to connect my brain to a word processor we would be all set. Right before I fall asleep, the fours + hours I have spent driving in the car to and from things this week, all times where I wrote amazing and thoughtful posts. Sadly for you, that doesn’t exist so you get this brief mind dump. Sorry.

We have survived our first week of kindergarten (full-day). He loves it. Can’t wait to go, doesn’t want to leave. It makes us so happy. He has also matured so much this week. Seriously, his sister and him have hardly fought at all, they are so loving to each other when they are together. It’s been bliss. Bliss on a stopwatch.

{ don't remember the year, 40's -50's I think }

I feel like we have no time at all. Further proof I have no ability to go back to work unless I (re)learn time management. I had grand plans to get a schedule set on Sunday and get some stuff in place to help us this week. It was a complete failure. It was too hot. Second hottest day of the year on August 29! I have lived in Chicago my whole life. I know August is hot, usually only the first two weeks (proof, last August 29 it was 69- blissful- degrees). I also don’t like to complain about hot weather because the only place that has a longer winter than us is Alaska, or maybe Minnesota. However this year, I am breaking all the rules. I am done. I am done with stifling heat. I am done with sweating. I am done. Done. Done. I want fall. I want sweaters, new boots, and jeans. Please.

{ Late 60's early 70's Corvette Stingray }
I also want bagels, good new york bagels. They are an endangered species in suburbia, it’s quiet sad.

So I am fighting the clock trying to figure out how to manage my day, how to get the kids to bed earlier because they are sooooooo tired. At the same time, we get home from school at 4, earlier than 7 seems, well, impossible and cruel? Life is moving too fast I need to figure things out. So many things to figure out these days....

{ reflection in the black car above. It's my favorite. }

Do you feel you manage your time well? Any tricks? Oh and do you have bagels where you are? Maybe we can start an online support group for those who can’t get good bagels?

* Photos from our late afternoon jaunt to the car show downtown. It was so hot. The kids danced in so excited by the cars, 20 min later they were melting, hot, and not dancing anymore. 


One Photo said...

We stayed home this weekend as yet again it was too hot to spend more than 20 minutes outside which rules out pretty much anything other than the pool. So this year I find myself really looking forward to some cooler weather too.

As for bagels we do not have any specialist shops here either, the best on offer is Einstein Bagels. We do however have a really wonderful cup cake shop so that keeps me happy when the need for an indulgence arises:-)

Hyacynth said...

That is a massive time crunch -- the 4-7 slot. And in it you have to fit dinner and play and baths and reading. Ay. I hear you. We do the end-of-the-day scramble every day because hubby doesn't get home until 5:30. And my kids are 6:30 sleepers.
I would Love to start a bagel support group. lol

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I am totally with you. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need/want to do!

I have no idea how hot it actually was in Chicago this weekend, but if it makes you feel better it was in the upper 90's + 80% humidity in South Florida this weekend. Ick. And "FALL" as you call it, generally won't show it's lovely head until the first week of December or so. The things I miss about living up north...

Unknown said...

Last night I was doing the 4-7 shift alone - it was so so so I don't even have a word for it - 2 kids with homework, 4 kids starving for snacks, 1 piano practice session, 1 guitar practice session, 2 kids one on one reading sessions and finally dinner - which was fast - tacos. Blissful rest (well not quiet but still) when Hubby got home from work stuffed his face real fast and bathed everyone and put them to bed. I need time management help too! :)