Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Changing Path

Oh, the paths we tread -- some familiar, some unexpected. But each a blessing in itself.

Two of our Bigger Picture Blogs founders have decided to venture onto new paths and pursue other creative endeavors. 

Maegan from Life Set to Words and Corinne from Trains, Tutus and Tea Time are stepping down from their roles as founders in the Bigger Picture Blogs community so that they can put forth the time and effort needed to launch and build other creative ventures! 

SarahHyacynth, and I will continue in our active roles as community founders by hosting the Bigger Picture Moments link up and facilitating community discussions at the Blog FrogFacebook and Bigger Picture Blogs site. {We've got a few other exciting plans in the works for October and the new year -- can't wait to share!}

And, of course, we'll be supporting Maegan and Corinne in their new projects, cheering them on and offering the love and support friends give when a new, exciting path is being paved right before our feet. 
So glad to continue to walk together with you as writers, moms, wives, creators, and friends.

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