Monday, October 11, 2010

My Ultimate Family Vacation

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When I meet my husband he had already extensively traveled the world both with his family and doing a foreign term in Europe. I had extensively traveled the Midwest (IL, IA, WI, IN) and visited New York and DC with school. So when we got married we planned a grand adventure and spent almost three weeks traveling (by car!) all over Italy.

Map of Italy-it
{ By F l a n k e r [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons }

It was amazing.

We spent then next several years of our marriage suffering from the tech bubble bursting and paying down that trip (it was still totally worth it!) So my kids, have traveled the Midwest extensively (adding Kentucky!)

If I had a chance to plan and go on the ultimate family vacation where would that be? What would I do? Get out of the Midwest that is for sure! My little guy has the heart of an explorer. He would want to go to Africa, China, California, jungles, the dessert, safari. His list would be long and never ending and always changing. My daughter would not her head in agreement with him and than say zoo!

My heart would want to go back to Italy.

It may not be as fun and exciting as an African safari, but with a family of 4 going on 5 I think it would provide enough excitement:

 A Leaning tower! I can hear them now: will it fall over? Can we watch?

Roman Ruins! Gladiators! How much more exciting is that?

Pompeii! A whole civilization buried alive? This would be totally exciting to a little boy. 

Capri! Buildings built on the side of hills. Lush gardens that are almost tropical. The most amazing ice cream, orange juice and chocolate croissants I have ever had in my life!

Venice! A city with no streets! Taking in all the boats and gondolas. This would surely capture his imagination. 

There is also culture and art. The Vatican, David, artists painting in the street. 

Plus, no fighting over what to eat. Spaghetti, Pizza, and Gelato, it’s like the mothership for toddlers!

We would of course have to bring at least one grandma with us so mommy and daddy get some time to shop the streets of Milan enjoy an evening gondola ride and rekindle their romance. The most important thing would be what any vacation does for us. Spending time together exploring and learning. Just being together as a family without the pressures of daily life. To reconnect and love each other.

Yes Italy it would be. That is until I think about the flight, 14 hours? Two kids? Hmm....maybe California can be exciting too?

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Shell said...

Wow- a 3 week trip? What an experience that must have been!

Gretchen said...

What gorgeous pictures! I wish I could go back to a time when I had the freedom and funds to travel. I did a semester abroad in Ireland and it was incredible!

Hyacynth said...

I would so go to Italy for my trip. Your pictures are awesome!