Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Write Pink! Spread Pink Throughout the Year {Bigger Picture Moment}

We're focusing on breast cancer support for Write Pink! this week.

Each day, a guest writer will be posting about ways we can help support the people that are fighting breast cancer and the organizations that are trying to beat it.

Welcome to a  special Pink Edition of Bigger Picture Moments about breast cancer support. {Blog or Facebook notes both work!}. By linking up, you will automatically be entered to win a gift certificate to {So} Sartina.

By commenting on any one of the support posts, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an apron (the better for making meals or bakes sales with!) from It's All in the Bag.


Are you tired of pink yet? It’s okay I’ll still be your friend if you admit it.

Everywhere you turn since October 1 is pink. Pink buildings, pink products, pink blogs, pink equipment on burly football players. After 3 weeks of it I am sure it’s becoming part of the background, the static of your life that you don’t even notice.


Breast cancer isn’t going away. It’s stealing mothers, wives, sister, aunts, friends. It’s breaking up families and it’s leaving thousands of women scarred and broken.  We need the pink of October to spread out through the rest of the year. We need to remember that we can support pink everyday, that there are ways we can help and give back in our community even if we are not directly effected.

One way I have always supported the cause is by walking with my girl friends in a Race for the Cure event. We all gather and make a girls weekend out of it. We bond, we reconnect, we rejuvenate. We use those 3.1 miles to catch up on life and each other. We take care of ourselves while raising money and support for the cure.

Being supportive, can and should, start before there is a tragic diagnosis. Wee need to support ourselves and each other as women and mothers to be healthier and proactive in the first place. Do you take time to take care of you? To do your BSE, to work out, to shop for healthy food? If you needed to make an emergency appointment because you found a lump would you have someone to call and help? Being supportive can start as easy and simply as suggesting to a friend that you swap babysitting for 2 hrs once a week so you can take care of you.  Talk about it as a way to bring up health, taking care of ourselves as women and mothers. Remind each other to use the time for a workout, a shower, a doctors appointment.

Supporting the survivors, the fighters the researchers needs to be something that is on our mind every month, not just in October.

How can or how are you being supportive? Share your story with us and link up below. It can be about walking in an event, how you and your friends support each other in healthy endeavours, or how you joined the Army. Anything that moves you.

Speaking of the Army, they posted on their Facebook page that they have gained 3,000 new members in October! Are you one of them? You can still win.



Hyacynth said...

We essentially wrote the same post. :) Off to finish mine up.

This Heavenly Life said...

You're so right, Melissa. Being supportive isn't a one-time, be-all thing -- it endures. But we have to MAKE it endure. Thanks :)

Ginny Marie said...

I just love the idea of a babysitting swap! My neighbor and I try to help each other from time to time. It's nice having help right across the street!